Unacceptable! Bible Kicked to the Curb at America’s Air Force Academy

Written by Kevin Fobbs on March 13, 2014

Combat readiness is one of the primary attributes any American air force pilot or fighting solider possesses. One of the remarkable signs of character in making the nation’s finest line of defense has been incorporating reliance on faith and the steadiness of biblical guidance. This practice starts as far back as General George Washington and his troops embrace of this during the Revolutionary War. Yet at the U.S. Air Force Academy God and the Bible have been literally kicked to the curb or more accurately from a cadet’s personal room door, according to the Blaze.

This is unfortunately not a new phenomena and the actions of the administration at the Air Force Academy have to make one wonder if it is being run by those pledged to defend the nation or to Obama’s “Mother Russia”. It seemed innocent enough that a patriotic, soon to be air force pilot would want to have a biblical verse on his door to show his commitment to his moral principles and values.

The words on his door were simple but inspirational. It was “Galatians 2:20 and were plainly marked on his whiteboard. It read, “I have been crucified with Christ therefore I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.

Not so fast, say the academy officials, because it seemed that 29 other “unnamed” students and faculty took offense to his open display of his, and the majority of the nation’s, faith. Instead, these unquotable alleged secret biblical detractors called the air force cadet Bible verse on his door’s white board offensive.

Do you wonder how could a nation which has sent men and women off to America’s wars to protect the country, and if necessary die, could not be comforted by an open display of their Christian faith? The answer is quite simple. It starts with the Obama, the current Commander-in-Chief, who is openly antagonistic to Christianity in school prayers, public displays of prayer, and even in defending armed forces in being able to practice their Christian faith.

The cadet and far too many like him in other military schools, as well as the nation’s Christian soldiers, are being attacked relentlessly by a major big time atheist. According to WND , this assassinator of the Christian faith within the military is Michael “Mikey” Weinstein. He heads the un-characteristically named Military Religious Freedom Foundation, and calls, “the practice of Christians in the service sharing their faith ‘spiritual rape’,” reported WND.

Weinstein has made the life of soldiers and now even cadets like the Air Force Academy cadet Christian believer difficult with his constant threats against open displays of Christianity. This man has literally gone Anti-Christ on the military to even insisting Bibles be removed from lodging affiliated with the U.S. Air Force Academy. He even was victorious in having a policy enacted that forbid guests who were visiting patients at Walter Reed Army medical Center from bringing Bibles to patients.

Now he is turning his ever anti-Christian legal weapons on the U.S. Air Force Academy which he attests is in “Open Revolt!” According to the Blaze, Weinstein is disturbed about what is happening there and says, “The Air Force Academy has a revolt on their hands. What are they going to do?”

It appears that the student was not alone in his support for the Bible and Christianity. When academy officials took down his Bible verse, suddenly dozens of other Biblical verses on white boards began to pop up on other air force cadet’s room doors and even in public hallways.

Even though Weinstein wants the original cadet and all the others punished, it appears that his deleterious desires may be very premature. According to the Liberty Institute’s senior legal counsel Michael Berry, the removal of the original cadet’s Bible verse from his door and any punishment given “is actually a violation of the Department of Defense Instruction 1300.17, a provision that protects soldiers’ religious liberty,” according to the Blaze.

According to the pertinent provision it provides that, “Unless it could have an adverse impact on military readiness, unit cohesion, and good order and discipline, the Military Departments will accommodate individual expressions of sincerely held beliefs (conscience, moral principles, or religious beliefs) of Service members in accordance with the policies and procedures in this instruction…,” according to the Department of Defense Instruction 1300.17.

The bottom line is clear in that the lone cadet who stood up and posted his own personal Biblical belief is not alone in the battle to restore the Bible as well as Christianity to the military and its current and future leaders. First things first…impeach the current Commander-in-Chief who feels quite comfortable quoting the Koran over protecting the integrity and decency of American soldiers of Christian faith.

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