What’s The Over/Under For Obamacare Versus Feminism?

Written by Wes Walker on March 18, 2014

Anyone with an eye for detail can see how the patchwork, cobbled-together nature of the American Left is showing signs of strain.

In this particular story, you can see the conflict between people eager to “move the goalposts” in defense of Obamacare’s “glorious success” and the orthodoxy of radical Feminism.

It was only a decade or so ago that a friend of mine, having foolishly found herself in a women’s studies (or was it womyns?) class, was told that a woman can do anything she wants to do. She soon learned that “anything she wants to do” can include any sort of occupation, to the single exclusion of homemaker, which was clearly unacceptable.

Lesson learned? Real women (according to this particular feminist model) do not aspire to being a “good little housewife”. Such a thing is, I suppose, a carry-over of enslavement to patriarchal normative gender roles. (If I’m citing the bafflegab correctly.)

But wait! Now everything’s changed, according to Keith Ellison (D-oofus MN).

Now we’re told that the people dropping out of the workforce (thank you, Obamacare!) have the best of all possible worlds! They’ve now got a better home life, and a better work/life balance. (Forget that many are compensating by working multiple part-time jobs — pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.)

Ellison actually said, and without any hint of irony: “Ask a working mother if she wants a few more hours in her day to take care of her family.”

So which is it?  Since I guess the Left has decided it’s writing rules for women to live by– is a “woman’s place” at home, or is it at work?  And please tell me — if you can — why that should be anyone’s decision other than the mother herself?

(But of course, knuckle-dragging right wingers like myself have a “war on women”, right?  We’re the tyrants. It’s not these ideological chowder-heads making arbitrary “roles” for women to live by; to further their own ambitions. Nope, not that at all.)

See the video clip in context, here.