Barack, Bill and a Boys Night Out!

Written by S.C. Sherman on April 19, 2014

President Bill Clinton rolls his eyes as he looks at his smart phone.

BC: Hello, Barack is that you?

BO: Yeah, sorry did I wake you up?

BC: No way man, we got a party going on down here!

BO: Where are you? Are you in Columbia again?

BC: I better not say. Have you seen Hillary?

BO: No, I think she hates me.

BC: That makes two of us.

BO: Well, you sound busy, I better go?

BC: I am kinda busy with white sand, hot sun all day, and hot ladies all night! If you know what I mean…why are you whispering? I can hardly hear you…speak up.

BO: I’m in the oval office…under the desk.

BC: I’ve been there few times, boom! Oh yeah.

BO: I don’t want her find me. I’m so tired. This isn’t as fun as I thought it’d be. I don’t think I can make it till the end of the term. That Putin…he’s going to take the Ukraine, probably more. All of Europe, I guess. I transmitted that I didn’t think he should do it. He promised me he wouldn’t. He’s a liar. And some dumb@$$ cowboy wants to have High Noon out in the Nevada desert thanks to that jack-wagon Harry, Nancy is stalking me everywhere I turn with those googly eyes, Obamacare is falling apart, the IRS targeting is getting worse, don’t even mention Benghazi or Fast and Furious. FLOTUS won’t let me have anything…and I mean anything. No cheeseburgers, no cigarettes! I can’t take it anymore. If I send her on anymore vacations, the damn Republicans will have a fit. What should I do?

BC: Ha, ha, ha, you’re calling me now, aren’t you!

BO: It’s not funny. My hair is turning gray!

BC: Yeah it is. You whiner! I got fricking impeached, try that, you puke! Old Slobodan didn’t see that coming though did he?

BO: Slobo-what are you talking about? I didn’t know who else to call…(sniffling).

BC: Oh, stop it. Get a hold of yourself. Do you even have an intern?

BO: Yeah, why?

BC: Well, get on the phone, man. Tell her you got some late night dictation to do, and it can’t wait till morning. It’s a national emergency. You’ll feel right as rain by morning.

BO: My intern is a guy!

BC: Hey, whatever floats your boat, we are democrats! Ha, ha, ha! Glad I could help. Hey gotta run. I need give to Maria a lesson in the Bill of rights! Heeeeya!

BO: I wish I was there.

BC: C’mon man, only a couple more years. You can ride it out. We’ll put Hillary in there next and you and me will be sailing. We’ll set up a man cave in the west wing like nobodies business! First dudes…are you kidding me? All the fun, none of the headache.

BO: I don’t think I can make it. @#$!* Iran is gonna nuke somebody, and we all know who. Carter keeps sending me letters of advice.

BC: Carter? Is he alive? What do you mean letters?

BO: Paper! Paper letters! He’s afraid of the NSA.

BC: Well, nobody remembers Carter. I’d burn those letters right now. Don’t want those turning up on some web site. Iran…yeah, well that’s your own fault. They’re always angry and I told you not to mess with Netanyahu, he’ll kick you’re a$$ and not wrinkle his suit. I told you those A-rabs don’t want to be your friend. You keep talking trash about oil being bad for the world. What do you expect? You need a break. Meet me in Chicago tomorrow night at ten at The Blues on Halsted.

BO: I thought you were on a beach somewhere?

BC: Tonight I am. Tomorrow I’m in Chi-town for my main man Barack!

BO: Oh, that sounds good. I haven’t been to Chicago for awhile. What is The Blues on Halsted?

BC: S.O.B. are you freaking kidding me? You don’t know The Blues on Halsted?

BO: No.

BC: Ppffffff! I am the first black President. I knew it. I said it once and I’ll say it again. Google it. The Service guys can get you there. Tell FLOTUS you have to meet with me about a business deal or something.

BO: She won’t believe that.

BC: Tell her you want to go to church and visit Jeremiah or something. I don’t care.

BO: Do they have cheeseburgers?

BC: Yeah, and booze, and packs and packs of cigarettes and the blues like you’ve never heard…real blues.

BO: Sounds awesome…

BC: You need to unwind. We’ll be just like two brothas out for a night on the town.

BO: Okay, I’m doing it. I’ll see you there tomorrow night at 10.

BC: Right on, brotha from another motha, yeah, and if you see Hillary, don’t mention that I was in Chicago or really anything. She thinks I’m in Arkansas.

BO: Crap.

BC: What?

BO: I can hear Michelle calling my name, she’s looking for me.

BC: So what? You’re hiding under a desk. What’s wrong with that? You’re by yourself aren’t you? No cigars, no intern dresses, no definition of the word “is”.

BO: She’s scary.

BC: No kidding. You’re on your own with that, you married her. See you tomorrow night in Chicago. It’s a Boys Night Out!

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