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Bias Much? Whining Obama Supporter Posts Bomb Threat–Media Runs Cover

From the “This Is Almost More Pathetic Than Obama’s Five Years in Office” category, we have the story of Ross Dmochowski, a former Yahoo employee and hardcore liberal Democrat who bit off a lot more than he could chew when he started to engage in “sometimes serious, sometimes juvenile, sometimes offensive political discussions about President Barack Obama.”

Dmochowski—42 and proudly professing that he still lives online—is a relentless user of Google Plus and likes to get into “nasty exchanges” 24/7 on the site with conservatives, Christians, Republicans and anyone whose opinions aren’t as fanatically hard-left as his are. However, in September of 2013, Dmochowski severely overestimated his online keyboard warrior prowess when he posted a bomb threat against Fox News on Google Plus, which you can still see here.

Long story short, Dmochowski was fired from Yahoo—I guess even liberal companies won’t tolerate liberal troublemakers if they become too much of a problem—in part because of said bomb threat. When a reporter for the San Jose Mercury News—the sympathetic, liberal newspaper Dmochowski whined to—asked Yahoo about the issue, Yahoo pointed to their policy statement for employees that reads:“If you decide to post complaints or criticism, avoid using statements, photographs, video or audio that reasonably could be viewed as malicious, obscene, threatening or intimidating, that might constitute harassment or bullying, or are slanderous or detrimental to Yahoo.”

From the official Yahoo response on the matter, we can obviously safely conclude that Dmochowski violated the hell out of every single company rule that governs employee behavior. Otherwise, why would Yahoo have kicked his Obama-supporting rear end to the curb?! Exactly.

The disturbing twist to this story about the hardcore Obama supporter and liberal Democrat whom even the liberals at Yahoo find too questionable to keep employed is how the reporter, one Dan Nakaso, covered the story. Nakaso was obviously extremely sympathetic to Dmochowski, which is clearly evidenced in the fact that he was lazy in his reporting and willfully believed everything that Dmochowski spoon-fed him as fodder for the article.

For instance, in the San Jose Mercury News story, Nakaso just gullibly goes along with Dmochowski’s claim that “he never threatened or harassed anyone.” However, if Nakano would’ve bothered to do his job as a reporter (term used very loosely here), he would’ve done the research and found out that Dmochowski actually professed his love of trolling Republicans on the Internet, which you can see here. For anyone not down with that Internet slang, trolling is basically harassing, personally attacking and bullying people on the Internet. In fact, there’s even a whole thread on Google Help Forums dedicated to past victims of Dmochowski who’ve been relentlessly trolled by him. You can see it here.

However, Nakaso never, ever tells this truth in his puff-piece article of yellow journalism on Dmochowski. That’s what the liberal media does: They cover for Obama supporters all day long, no matter what they do.

According to people who have been victimized by Dmochowski’s trolling on Google Plus—Derek Jones, Jeffrey Anthony, Leslie P, Marla Hughes and “Scottrey,” all of whose assertions you can read in the comments section of the original San Jose Mercury News story on this—it’s Dmochowski who’s undeniably the harasser and the bully.

A quick read through Dmochowski’s Google Plus account immediately shows nothing but a consistent barrage of hate against Christians, conservatives, Republicans, traditionalists and anyone who doesn’t follow a hard-left line, politically and ideologically. In fact, Dmochowski also routinely makes comments like this in virtually every single Google Plus exchange he’s a part of.

So that begs the question…why does Google Plus still allow a self-professed, professional troll to go after people at will on the social-networking site? Google Plus?

Image: Courtesy of: New_York__Moscow_flight