Conservatives v. Liberals: Give Them What They Want

Written by Paul Hair on April 6, 2014

People are rightfully upset with Mozilla forcing Brendan Eich to resign from his CEO position, but instead of demanding that leftists stop their practice of demanding their enemies’ scalps, people should simply acknowledge their decades-long war and start fighting back against them.

Many have already written excellent analyses of all that was wrong with what Mozilla did to Eich. They have noted how his punishment is going to affect the rest of us going forward. That’s one bit of encouraging news to come out of this—more people are becoming aware of what I’ve been trying to explain through such columns as “Face It, Conservatives: No Common Ground With Radical Left,” and “Speaking Bluntly: the Left’s Moral Duty to Do Evil.

Furthermore, while Mozilla, its employees, and its supporters are creeps, I don’t feel any sympathy for Eich. After all, he essentially recanted on his past defense of marriage in an attempt to appease his inquisitors. That failed and his inquisitors demanded his blood. So it ended up being a red-on-red—enemy-on-enemy—attack.

Mozilla experiencing blowback is another good thing to come out of this. Yet while many people hope the blowback can stop such a thing from happening again, it won’t. Leftists hate those who won’t bow down to them and they want to wipe out their opposition. So instead of trying to bring about something that can’t happen at this point (civility and unity) I say, give them the fight they want.

The left publishes names and addresses of its enemies. Sometimes leftists even send mobs to confront their enemies. They did this in California following Proposition 8. They did it against a banking executive in Maryland. They did it against firearm owners in New York. And they did it with illegal aliens against the home of Kris Kobach, the Kansas Secretary of State. This tactic should be turned on them. Anyone who donates to Democrats, RINOs, or any other leftist should be fair game to be identified, demonized, and ostracized.

There also isn’t any reason why leftists’ livelihoods shouldn’t be in danger because of what they believe. Start identifying those who support sodomy, abortion, communism, and other evil and then work to get them fired from their jobs. Modern American society has clearly accepted that it is okay for the left to force businesses—including sole proprietors—to engage in commerce against their conscience or risk losing everything. And society has now clearly accepted that it is okay for the left to destroy people’s careers simply because of their personal beliefs. The rules have changed. And if those who don’t agree with the left don’t start playing by these new rules then they have already lost.

Talk of imprisoning leftists also shouldn’t be out of the question. Laugh all you want at this suggestion but they have long established that they want their enemies imprisoned (or worse) for their beliefs. Multiple influential people have suggested that “climate deniers” should be imprisoned. Lawrence Torcello at the Rochester Institute of Technology is one of the latest people to do so.

And while most of us (including me) don’t have the influence to lead any of the above efforts, each of us can confront the fanatical leftists in our spheres of influences who are fighting to destroy freedom. We can fight back against them.

Many people will inevitably bristle at the above suggestions and insist that we shouldn’t get in a fight with leftists and instead try to find common ground with them. But that no longer is an option; it’s simply surrender to attempt to do so at this point.

We need to stop ignoring reality and realize that we have irreconcilable differences with half of the nation. Give them the war they want and fight to take back society.

Paul Hair honorably served in the U.S. Army Reserve as a non-commissioned officer; he is veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He has worked as a civilian in both the government and private sectors. His writings have appeared at various websites. Paul now runs The Security and Culture Intelligencer website (http://scintelligencer. and is an independent consultant for Wikistrat, a strategic analysis and forecasting network. Connect with him at the S&CI website and on Twitter at @PaulHair1.

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