COW KILLERS: Bundy Family Claim FEDS Killed Cows with Calves

Published on April 22, 2014

19:01:37 CAROL: We went to the compound where they were holding the cattle that they gathered. We saw a shallow grave that had been dug and covered up and there were, as we uncovered that, there were some of our cattle that they had shot and had been thrown in the grave. 19:01:52…

19:02:17 STETSY: It’s disturbing. It’s disturbing to watch. I was there as we dug them up. It was disturbing to see cattle that we have raised dead for no reason. 19:02:26

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Via Breitbart: BLM Confirms It Killed Six Of Bundy’s Cows

The Bureau of Land Management is confirming it killed six cattle as part of its standoff against the Bundy Ranch in Bunkersville, NV.

“A total of six cattle died or were euthanized,” a BLM official told Breitbart News.

The official listed the dead livestock cataloged by the BLM explaining, “The Bundy branded bull that was euthanized posed a significant threat to employees during the gather. The Bundy branded cow ran into a fence panel injuring its spine and was euthanized.” The dead animals listed by the official were:

  • 1 Bundy branded bull was euthanized
  • 1 Bundy branded cow was euthanized
  • 1 unbranded bull was euthanized
  • 1 unbranded cow was euthanized
  • 1 unbranded bull died
  • 1 unbranded cow died

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