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COWBOYS & COMMUNISTS: A New Game for the Kiddos

It appears that the tense armed standoff between federal agents and citizens at the Bundy Ranch near Bunkerville, Nevada, is over… for now. Fearful of the very real potential of a bloody firefight, BLM and FBI agents did the intelligent thing, and deescalated the situation by simply pulling out… for now.

It has been interesting to note how people have reacted to the situation. Here are just a few examples.

From Tim “MAC” Harmsen of the Military Arms Channel:

This event serves to highlight precisely why we have a 2nd Amendment. What happened today is why Dianne Feinstein and her band of gun-grabbers want you disarmed. Gun control isn’t about public safety or saving the children, it’s about preventing us from standing against government oppression and defending our liberty.

If hundreds of armed Americans weren’t streaming in to stand toe to toe with government goons, you can rest assured this victory would have never been possible. Before large numbers of militia responded to the scene, groups of protesters were being roughed up by government thugs. Women were thrown to the ground and unarmed men were tazed as the government struggled to assert its control. Once armed citizens started to arrive in force, these thugs were forced to back-off and stop using their Gestapo tactics.

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