WHEN THE CRAP HITS THE FAN: Make Sure You Have Multi-Level Security

Written by Patrick Estebe on April 8, 2014

Multi level security.

Or the failings of the permanent security manager or bodyguard.

Let’s first draw a parallel with medical care with the latest example of the permanent MD failing Michael Jackson experienced, among others. The idea keeps bouncing back in spite of its glaring shortcomings. One has a medical condition and is wealthy enough to have a MD not only on call but on site, permanently. This avoids having to take appointments, provides a sense of luxury, and of course a sense of having the best possible medical attention.

Yet let’s look at how it goes in real life. The MD of course is chosen among the best specialist in the specific area that matters most for the individual hiring him as the permanent, in-house MD. He gets started, but as often is the case not much is happening in the first few weeks. Then the weeks become months and by the time the specialist is actually needed a couple years went by. In these couple years the specialist has unavoidably lost his sleight of hand if he is/was a surgeon and/or his edge in his specialty.

Imagine you need a very serious medical intervention: would you rather have the specialist who did the very same intervention two days ago and the week before and about twice a week for the last four years, or the guy who has done it two or more years ago and has not had any serious practice since? The choice is clear. Michael Jackson and others learned it the hard way.

The same parameters apply in the world of security. It is very wise to have a K & R insurance so that the insurance company will send a seasoned effective and efficient negotiator if or when you are kidnapped, but it does not make sense to hire full time a negotiator so that he will be ready if or when a kidnapping occurs in the family, losing touch with reality in the mean time.

Similarly the bodyguard freshly hired will look at everything with the “beginner’s eye” because everything is new and therefore needs to be thoroughly examined. But, after 2 months most aspects of the client’s life that were examined systematically with a keen eye, are now well known… 6 months later it takes a big effort to fight routine for the permanent security personnel. In the mean time temptations from the luxury surrounding the client abound, be it the young ladies, the cash, or simply the food and all the softness luxury brings. There are quite a few funny stories about these permanent security outfits, be it for real estate, yachts or other assets, yet while the client ends up blaming his permanent security staff, he should have known better. The second law of thermodynamics: “the entropy of any closed system only increases.” is hardly news. Worse yet, to go back to the parallel with the permanent MD: in case of a dramatic security incident, would you rather have the security detail that last week was plying its trade in a foreign land, and the week before that in yet another place, or the guys who did this three years ago before you hired them and since have only trained shooting paper targets, and worked out in your swimming pool?

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