Who-Da-Thunk? Kids Selling Legal Pot in Colorado

Written by ++++Allen on April 28, 2014

Fourth graders were caught dealing marijuana on an elementary school campus in Colorado. Gee imagine that. The marijuana appears to have been legally purchased by adults – grandparents in two families.

Colorado has hopped aboard a bobsled for an even faster plunge down the proverbial slippery slope into complete moral decay. This same episode is coming to schoolyards of every blue Democrat state.

Liberals, atheists and debauched pot heads wanted the drug (I know smokers don’t think it’s a drug) of choice made legal. First under the guise of “medical” marijuana.

Subsequently the true reason for legalizing pot was brazenly unveiled, to justify the desires of their hedonistic hearts. As if decent, concerned citizens couldn’t see this one coming!

These children involved should not be reprimanded to any degree. Since the use of marijuana is legally unrestrained, what these kids did, is no different from the usual schoolyard bartering of sandwiches, cookies, or Zuzu pets during recess time. Haven’t we all done something like that? Yes.

On the other hand, if the fourth graders are punished for their actions in the least, that will send a message that mommy and daddy must be doing something bad. I agree they are, but pot is legal. Correction will be confusing at best for these little ones. I don’t think pot smoking parents, or granny, can think clearly enough about how to handle this situation. Is there no one in Colorado whose head isn’t filled with smoke and illusions qualified to rightly divide such an issue?

Smoking medicinal or recreational pot coerces one to apathy for personal responsibility. Even California Governor Brown said he feared advertising the legitimization of marijuana use could lead to a lack of alertness by the citizenry. Laugh-out-loud really? No kidding, I remember back in the day pot heads couldn’t get off the couch, less alone be alert! I wonder how pandering to the late night munchies crowd is working out for Jack in the Box, I don’t think too well.

Pot smokers for the most part have no get up and go gumption. Not surprising, the Democrats are the ones on the cannabis campaign bandwagon. Judging by the lack of any moral standard included in the Democrat Party Platform one can only conclude that its members have been partaking frequently in cannabis consumption.

Passing laws to suit special interest groups choices, will not better our society. Our laws are in place for the “common good” of all members of this country. Legalizing pot was an awful idea and just because actions are declared legal, does not make it moral. The human heart knows this well!

This schoolyard incident will have a rippling seismic repercussion on this state’s communities because of what has been perpetrated upon these innocent unaware children. Coloradans, you might want to consider proposing a bill to undo the legalization of pot. Your children’s welfare is at stake. Send the pot smokers back into the closet where they belong.

Image: Courtesy of: http://www.realchicagonews.com/2012/06/new-plan-to-decriminalize-small-amounts.html

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