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DARWINIAN HOLDOVER: Woman Killed by Train While Running on Tracks with Headphones On

A California woman was struck and killed Wednesday by a freight train while wearing headphones as she jogged along busy tracks near a popular hiking trail.

Janaki Rose Hayes, 27, of Truckee, was wearing headphones that fully covered her ears and did not hear the blaring horn as the steel beast bared down on her around 1.45 p.m., police said.

Investigators believe she was jogging towards a trail for the bulk of her workout and that the death was an accident, sources told the Sacramento Bee.

Hayes, who had recently moved from Oregon to the small town just north of Lake Tahoe, was just short of the pedestrian bridge when the Union Pacific train caught up to her, cops said.

‘We concluded from our investigation that her intent was to cross the river at some point to access the Legacy Trail for a jog,’ Police Chief Adam McGill in a news release.

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