DELUSIONAL: Michelle Claims Her Life Is As Hard As A Soldier’s Wife

Published on April 25, 2014

Earlier this week First Lady Michelle Obama compared her life to that of an American soldier.

When Michelle was in Fort Campbell, KY, this week, she gave a speech to veterans about finding work after leaving the military. While she spoke, she mentioned that before she campaigned with Barack, she didn’t know much about what life in the military was.

Michelle went on to compare her life on the campaign trail with a presidential candidate husband to that of a military wife.

“Dealing with everything that I was dealing with—a spouse traveling, a job, kids– we didn’t deal with multiple moves, but I learned about the challenges that happen when you move from base to base to base,” Michelle said, “The way your kids have to adjust on a dime. And doing it knowing that the person you love is in harm’s way. And those stories moved me in a way that I didn’t expect.”

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