Disturbing: Inside The Mind Of A Liberal Troll

Published on April 1, 2014

by Jerry Novick
Clash Daily Contributor

As a Conservative columnist on the internet, I get my share of Liberal Trolls. They just seem to come out of the woodwork, as if they have some sort of ant-like antennae that tingles when a Conservative is using facts, analysis, and insight to put the Progressive ideology to shame. Then they swarm, using ad hominem attacks and cries of “It’s Bush’s fault!” as if that shields their leaders from taking any blame for their actions.

I have tried to discover what makes a Liberal Troll tick. Or more appropriately – what makes a Liberal Troll like a tick. My conclusions will haunt you.

At the heart of any Liberal Troll “position” is an intellectual dishonesty that defies logic. They will stake out a position that they know can be overrun by facts, and they insist that they are right. Sometimes they’ll even admit their wrong with their words and yet hold fast to their position with their thinking.

For example, there’s Troll Ellen M. who wrote this mind bender in response to a story I did about the government-sanctioned kidnapping of young Justina Pelletier from her parents: “Whatever the truth is, I know it’s more complex than what is written here.

As you can see, her troll-attack begins with an admission that she does not know any of the facts in the case. And yet, she is certain that I must be wrong. Wrong despite my giving the documented facts. Don’t try to let that sink in, it will make your head hurt.

Then there are the pro-abortion trolls who mix intellectual dishonesty with a big dollop of denial.

— “It’s a fetus” – yes, it is a fetus; fetus means “life,” and yet they think the word means something less than life. Changing the definitions of words is a classic Liberal Troll tactic (see further: “marriage”).

— “No woman should be forced to carry a parasite for 9 months” – because dehumanizing a person is justification for killing that person…I think Hitler said that right before killing 6-million Jews.

— “If we outlaw abortion, women will just go to back alleys and coat-hangers” — which would still be safer than Kermit Gosnell’s abortion house of horrors.

And then, there is the most laughable troll position of all: defending the presidency of Barack Obama. This requires a blindness so pervasive that the troll should be barred from operating a motor vehicle. With Obama’s approval-ratings nose-diving to 30%, the fact that there are people who defend him (on everything!) is evidence that there should be a written test before allowing somebody the right to vote.

(I kid – I believe so deeply in a citizen’s right to vote that I support requiring photo ID to assure that the results are fair and true.)

Supporting any Obama action requires a level of cognitive dissonance that makes the word “denial” obsolete. For example, despite the admission that Obama and the Democrats lied about our “keeping our insurance plan and doctor”, there are Liberal Trolls who insist that nobody is losing their insurance plan or doctor. And despite the affirmation that HHS and the White House have no idea how many people actually have ObamaCare insurance (as opposed to that false meme of “signing up”), they insist that the program is working.

Here’s a little math fact for you: 6-million people put a plan at the Healthcare.gov site into their electronic shopping cart. It was the only way to see a ballpark price and what the coverage really entailed. That does not mean they actually went through with purchasing the plan. The actual number of purchasers is unknown, mainly because there is no actual payment function built into the website. What we do know is that around 5-million people lost their health insurance plan thanks to ObamaCare.

6,000,000 – 5,000,000 = 1,000,000

So a best case scenario is that 1,000,000 net people signed up for ObamaCare.

Obama trashed the entire health insurance industry, people lost their insurance, prices went up for most buyers, thousands of doctors are not accepting ObamaCare, and hospitals are following that trend… AND yet, Liberal Trolls call the program a success.

How stupid can a person be?

Actually, when it comes to Liberal Trolls, a person can be very stupid.

So, I have come to a conclusion: arguing with Liberal Trolls is a supreme waste of time. And I have no time to waste. Our country has no time to waste.

Do you read me, NSA? There is no time to waste!

Conservatives must push forward ideals and policies that are right and good.

Freedom. Liberty. Resolve.

The Right To Life. Religious Liberty. Peace Through Strength. Small Government. Rewarding Success. Competition-based Health Insurance. Strong, Traditional Families. Producing Domestic Energy.

That is the Conservative agenda. And there is no Liberal Troll Army that can stand in the way of those ideals becoming a reality. As Matte Kibbe says:


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Jerry NovickJerry Novick lives in a Liberal-Progressive, high-tax Blue State where he dreams of the day when his hard work and judicious savings program allows him and his family to head off to more Conservative climes. Jerry’s resume as a professional writer spans nearly 30 years and pretty much every genre and form you can think of. When not contributing to ClashDaily, he writes political commentary at TheWriteAmerica.com.