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Fighting Back Against Mozilla’s Opposition to Christian Values/Traditional Marriage

Though initial news of Mozilla’s bigotry and intolerance toward Christians and those with traditional views of marriage, which is basically half of all Americans, has somewhat faded, conservatives are still angry at the Mozilla Foundation. They have every right to be since Mozilla’s ousting of former CEO Brendan Eich was a scheme perpetrated by the virulent Gay Gestapo, as lesbian author Tammy Bruce noted.

Of course, the Gestapo was Nazi Germany’s secret police that terrorized and intimidated everyone who opposed Adolf Hitler’s dictatorial power and ideological ambitions. When you consider how the Left and the gays were able to get Eich fired from his own company for opposing the ideological cause of gay marriage, then it’s indisputable that Bruce made an absolutely correct comparison. The biggest bullies these days are the leftists and the gays who absolutely hate Christians and Americans with traditional views on marriage—fact. If you cross their path—even though you legally are protected (at least in theory) by free speech—they will try to crush you, too, as they crushed Eich.

So if you’re a conservative who’s rightly still outraged at this Nazi-like maneuver in 21st-century America by the leftists and the gays, then what can you do?

Why, it’s high time to fight back and essentially deal with the hate-mongering leftists in the same way that they deal with you, as a patriotic and God-fearing conservative. It’s time to boycott leftist companies like Mozilla, which is an endeavor that some conservatives have already started.

For instance, RedState, last week, began a boycott of Mozilla’s popular Firefox browser though, as of the time of this writing, you can access the pages on the site with Firefox. Ditto with Breitbart, which also temporarily boycotted Firefox last week, but, as of the time of this writing, also allows site visitors to browse the site on Firefox. That’s a crying shame, of course, because both boycotts should have been permanent…until at least Mozilla reversed its decision on Eich.

Meanwhile, the National Organization for Marriage, instrumental in advancing Prop 8 in California, advocated a boycott of Firefox, too.

Ben Shapiro’s Truth Revolt actually launched a petition declaring that conservatives will stop using Firefox due to Mozilla’s anti-Christian discrimination against Eich. The petition has reached its goal of 1000 signatures, but that was a pathetically low goal to begin with! Truth Revolt should have aimed for at least 100,000…at least!

Further, you can still access Truth Revolt with Firefox as of the time of this writing.
So what can conservatives do to battle back against this onslaught of hate coming from the left and gays? Boycott Firefox (I hear Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer aren’t in league with the Gay Gestapo) as well as OkCupid and Sam Yagan is the co-founder of OkCupid and now the CEO of, so that explains why, to be ideologically committed, you should boycott, too.

A final word on these fanatically intolerant bullies from the left: Idiotically and ironically, Yagan actually supported a pro-traditional marriage/anti-gay marriage Republican 10 years ago. By his own Gay Gestapo rules, Yagan should actually fire himself from, period!

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