Funny Hats, Harry Reid — And My Broken Scanner

Written by Steve Bowers on April 29, 2014

Sorry to be late with this cartoon. It’s still timely I think. It’s not like Harry is going to stop with the graft and self-dealing. He still has an eye on the spoils of the RANGE WAR, I’m sure. He said “It ain’t over.” The small blurb at the cartoon’s bottom is is cut off. The cut word is “liberals.” It refers to the bucket of peanuts on the bar top. It’s a crude metaphor for gettin’ on the dole. Once you get a taste for the “dole” you never lose the desire to have others pay your way. But, ultimately, you never get much. Just “peanuts.” 

On a side note, the reason the word got cropped is because I had to dust off  my old scanner. I had to pull it out of cold storage because my fancy new one (three weeks ) just decided to go on the fritz. My brainy little brother (works for a defense contractor doing who knows what; some aspect of computer wizardry, no doubt) helped me set up the new scanner and has helped me try to get it working properly again. All to no avail. My regular neighborhood computer “fix-it” geek just moved to Colorado. So I’m reduced to reading manuals. It’s horrible. My brother can’t really do much…or that’s what I have assumed because I’m reluctant to press him. If I mess with him too much he might make good on his oft repeated threat to kill me because I’ve learned details about him and his work. I have no reason to believe he’s kidding. When we were kids and I’d ask him to help me fix a flat tire on my bike…he always threatened to kill me. He’s bigger, meaner and more knowledgeable now. The possibility is now more immediate and quite chilling.

I suppose i should look at another hardly noticed issue in the news today. It helps put my computer problems into a bigger perspective. Some branch of government has, apparently, “mis-placed” six billion somolians. No one knows what happened, where the cash went (I’d check Harry’s pockets first, but what do I know?) and, naturally, NO ONE knows who should know anything about this small  snafu except that it’s probably attributable to a computer “error” somewhere. I only lost a few days of cartooning, no serious cash. But, I doubt anyone in government thinks a billion bucks is serious cash, either. Therein lieth the rub.

I have another “Harry” cartoon sitting in my old scanner, but it ain’t goin’ anywhere for the moment. As soon as I tried to scan the second Harry cartoon the old scanner jammed trying to print a print command of two months ago, which is no longer needed. The old scanner jamming immediately brought to mind exactly why I had spent a lot of money to replace it…with a nice fancy new one …that worked beautifully for two weeks. 

I should probably hire some pimple-faced teenager with a congenital familiarity with these strange techie matters. Or i could just call my little brother and tell him I’ve figured out what he does for a living. The black helicopters would soon appear over the horizon and my earthly troubles would come to a swift and certain end. 

Steve Bowers
Steve Bowers grew up on a farm in Indiana, attended Indiana University and went into the construction business. While working on a construction project at a law school he was appalled at how lawyers could screw stuff up on a simple building project. Thinking he could do better, Steve went to law school. He’s pretty naive.