GET A CONDOM: Mother of Nine on Benefits Feels NO SHAME

A mother-of-nine who claims £38,000 a year in handouts and demanded a bigger council house for her huge family is pregnant again – this time with twins.

Cheryl Prudham, 32, and her husband Robert, 29, are set to receive at least a further £1,400 in handouts when the baby girls arrive.

Mrs Prudham said she will ‘not be made to feel guilty’ for having children’ as she and her husband both work part-time.

Last year the couple, from Sittingbourne, Kent  – who were living in a three-bedroom council house at the time – said they were entitled to a bigger house, because they both work part-time.

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Eventually the couple were able to arrange a house swap and they moved to a £200,000 property, also in Kent, the Sun reports.

But the expectant mother is still not happy with the swap – organised via Facebook with a family looking to downsize – because she had to move away from her preferred area of Sittingbourne.

She admits her huge brood were not especially planned because she and her husband do not like using contraception.

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