Gibberish on the March: Leftist Buzzwords for Unthinking Leftist Mobs

Published on April 19, 2014

by Deborah Elmar
Clash Daily Contributor

Did you catch the newest Leftist buzzword? “Equal Pay!”

They’re actually quite good at this, those Leftists, because they understand how easily manipulated the low-information voters are, and they know how chanting such slogans so conveniently riles up their voter base, which really begs the question: is the pathetic performance of America’s public schools a feature or a bug for Leftists? But I digress.
Let’s recall some of those buzzwords of the past that cropped up just before important elections: “War on Women;” “Income Inequality;” “Vote Suppression;” etc.

“Sustainability” is another buzzword that Glenn Beck and others have thoroughly vetted. Each of these buzzwords and concepts can easily be refuted with some simple facts and logic, but Leftist mobs aren’t into facts and logic. It’s much more fun for them to chant the slogans and enjoy the surge of self-righteousness their “fight the Man” moment brings them.

Meanwhile, the nation suffers under the Leftist Man.

“Vote Suppression” is an Orwellian double-speak buzzword used to hide what’s actually going on when people don’t have to show ID to vote. What’s actually going on is voter fraud. The nation suffers because the wrong people get voted in when they win by voter fraud. And if the wrong people are no longer afraid of ever losing at the ballot box because voter fraud guarantees their re-election, the Republic is finished.

“War on Women” is just a stupid slogan. So we on the right dismissed it at first, forgetting how stupid people can be. There sat that wealthy, 30-something-year-old student, Sandra Fluke, such a strong, independent, full of grrrrrl-power feminist, who was suddenly shocked to find out that her Catholic university didn’t want to pay for her birth control , and she was helpless, helpless I tell you, under such militant oppression, because she couldn’t afford birth control. We laughed, because shouldn’t powerful independent women be able to pay for their own birth control? But it worked for way too many voters.

Throw in some awkward statements about “legitimate rape” by a Republican running for office, and the “War on Women” buzzword took hold, even as Democrat women swooned over Bill Clinton’s convention speech (ah yes, Clinton, whose treatment of individual women somehow never reflects on all Democrat politicians the way Todd Akin’s comment reflected on all Republicans). Women who shrieked that Republicans were conducting a “War on Women” voted for Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner and Bob Filner’s party. The “War on Women” buzzword brought too many hysterical, unthinking female voters into the Democrat camp. And here we all are, women too, languishing economically and culturally under President Obama’s sixth year in office.

“Income inequality” is truly a dangerous buzzword. America rose in greatness as her people worked to follow their dreams and trusted that hard work would be rewarded. Government tampering with “income inequality” amounts to pure wealth transference. Sane people understand that a plumber, a farmer, an electrician, a construction-site foreman, or someone with a degree in a STEM field, is much more useful for civilization than someone with no skills who cannot find higher-payer jobs, or someone with a degree in “gender studies” and “community organizing.” Someone who earned a useful STEM degree and/or proved they have beneficial, productive skills deserves a higher income than someone who basically partied at college for 4 years and comes out at the end with a huge debt load and a useless ability to parrot dumb Leftist slogans about “cisgender oppression,” and wussily mews about “trigger warnings”. Take away the incentive of a STEM major to work hard because she/he will only earn as much as a “community organizer,” and America will go down.

Government enforcement of “income equality” will reduce individual incentive and America’s exceptional-ism to the point that we might as well just concede that the USSR finally won the Cold War. “We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us” was a wry Soviet workers’ expression that will become our own. (An aside: did any of you mark how President Obama summed up his interview with the Pope? Hint: he used the buzzword “income inequality.”)

Now the latest buzzword: “Equal Pay” … for equal work. Yes, indeed, that’s fair. But if the work that women do isn’t equal, women should not be paid equally. If women actually do work that is equal to the work men are doing, but earn less for exactly the same output, then why wouldn’t greedy capitalists hire only women? The simple fact is, women in the workforce statistically have different jobs than men in the workforce, and not all jobs earn the same wages. A teacher doesn’t make the same income as an engineer. A secretary doesn’t make the same income as a boss. A nurse doesn’t make the same income as a doctor. A lawyer who works much less hours than her male colleagues because of all the time she needs to spend with her children will not be paid the same as those male colleagues, or rise in rank at the same pace. She’s doing less productive work for the company than the men are. Simple. It’s obvious to the thinking minds among us, but not to the slogan-chanting Leftist crowds.

Just think of all the delicious lawsuits headed companies’ way with the laws about “Equal Pay” that the Obama administration is pushing. Lawyers will benefit, certainly, and some of their litigious-happy clients, but not the average working person (no, not even women). Companies will go down as they’re fettered with more red tape and profit-reducing policies, and more men will check out of the workforce if they find themselves carrying the heavy loads for companies, having to take up the slack for women who work much less hours and are much less productive but still receive the same salary as the men. “Equal Pay” is also just mere wealth transference, in the end. Only there’s nothing “mere” about it. It will kill the economy.

Leftist buzzwords: we roll our eyes when we hear them, we laugh sometimes, we’re incredulous at other times because we can’t believe people are this ridiculously dumb so as to believe them. Yet the buzzwords work on the mobs that the Leftists control.
Leftist buzzwords indicate where the country is going when Leftists win. The buzzwords warn us about what’s coming. And we all know there’s more to come.

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Deborah Elmar is a Christian wife and mother. She blogs at Collecting Quotes and occasionally posts at Return of Queens. She is a Canadian who lives with her family in America and loves both countries.