HEAVEN IS FOR REAL: How Todd Burpo and Hollywood Fleeced Christianity

Published on April 18, 2014

Gospel Spam – Christians lined up to see Heaven is For Real is no more a good thing, than lines of hungry children in Africa lined up to receive free, two year old stale rice cakes. They are not lined up because they enjoy stale rice cakes, they are lined up because they are starving to death.

Christians are starving to death, and Hollywood doesn’t feed them real food. They feed them stale rice cakes packaged in films like Heaven is For Real.

Heaven is For Real is the real life, honest to goodness, without any doubt, true story, of Pastor Todd Burpo and his son Colton. Todd’s son Colton is forced to have a sudden appendectomy. He doesn’t die on the table, but he does have an anesthesia induced vision of Heaven.

Colton believed that while under the knife he went to heaven and saw Jesus. He remembered multiple details, even exactly what Jesus looks like.

When I had heart surgery as a teenager, while under the knife, I dreamed I was Super Mario. I can tell you the exact block colors and everything. It was amazingly realistic. Perhaps I should write a book. I’ll title it: Mario Is for Real.

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