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Irony, 2014: Too Much Law, Not Enough Justice

by Mike Martin
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

There is a real problem that has taken over 250 years to reach crisis proportions. Americans believe in Justice. Judges and Lawyers believe in Laws. No matter how well intended and how well written a law is, it will gradually be stretched by lawyers and Judges in the best of times, and in the case of Activist Judges it’s not just bent, it is extremely warped.
These days what the law actually says is no longer even relevant. Judges and lawyers deem case law as precedents and the case law becomes more important than the law itself. To top it all off, our lawmakers will not write a general “law” and assign bureaucrats the responsibility to write the regulations by which the law will be enforced. This means that we are living a large part of our lives subject to the whims of non-elected officials.

For example the EPA wants to regulate Co2 emissions under the clean air act. Co2 ( carbon dioxide ) has never been adjudged to be a pollutant by anyone other than the EPA. People, mammals, insects, fish all breath. They use the O2 they breath to “burn/oxidize” their foods and give off Co2 and other waste products. Plants use this Co2 to feed themselves along with sunlight and nutrients from the soil and produce O2 as a byproduct. Seems like a good system to me !

Congress created the EPA for good reasons ( Acid rain, and other toxins being deposited into our environment ). Same for the Clean Water Act. But now the EPA ( “the regulators”) is deciding on their own what is a pollutant and what isn’t. The regulators are now making law independent of the lawmakers.
So, the situation, as it now stands is that the government is deciding which laws should be enforced and whom they should be enforced against. So if a law isn’t applied equally then it is also not being applied justly. A President abets a crime by covering it up ( Watergate ) is pardoned by the incoming President. A President lies under oath ( “I did not have sex with that woman” ) and there is no penalty. Police kill citizens by mistake and it’s called “justifiable”. After all just because we have Rules of Engagement for our military before they can fire on the enemy, our police have no such restraints as demonstrated by them killing a boy armed with a remote control and shooting a man for getting a cane out of the back of his truck so he could walk. Or their killing a homeless man for falling to the ground after they threw a flash bang grenade designed to stun and confuse him, tasering him ( which usually causes an individual to fall to the ground ) and hitting him with a beanbag shot from a shotgun (which can knock the air out of a man or otherwise cause muscle spasms which guess what, might tend to make you fall.) And the fact that he was falling away from the police made their ‘’”killing” him, excuse me shooting him six times for falling away from them, justifiable according to the police.
So, what is the “law” that allows all this to happen ? Why won’t they publish that “law” ? Why won’t they publish their Rules of Engagement ?
I guess it’s because we don’t demand it.

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