Published on April 14, 2014

Newsflash! This week Kim Kardashian wore a THONG BIKINI for a photo shoot in Thailand!

Aren’t you enthralled? I know I’m not.

But the sad thing is, endless millions of people are enthralled at the idea of following Kim Kardashian’s butt all around the world. I mean seriously … this is considered newsworthy? Ick.

It’s not just Kim, of course. Americans are obsessed with celebrity culture. They follow the antics of “American Idol,” “Dancing with the Stars” and every intellectual giant that flashes skin in the Hollywood landscape.

Why? What has Kim Kardashian actually accomplished? What kind of cultural contribution has Britney Spears made? What significant event elevated Miss Gaga to the status of Lady? What am I missing?

Whatever achievements the Kardashians of the world make, they can be followed at a moment’s notice through every electronic device known to man. Through the wonders of the Internet, you, too, can view Kim’s thong bikini within moments of her donning it. Wheeeee.

And meanwhile, we have dire happenings in the upper echelons of government, banking and surveillance. But no one cares. They’re too busy watching Kim’s butt.

Some people thought increased availability of information through the Internet and personal electronic devices would increase America’s vigilance on our leaders. The opposite has happened. People (especially young people) have become so separated from reality, so drugged by media and so focused on those tiny little screens that they become immune to government actions that will have a vast effect on their future.

In other words, people are more interested in following the shallow antics of Kim Kardashian than they are in following the life-altering antics of our leaders. It’s the ultimate triumph of style over substance.

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