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You Lie: Obama Lying Through His Teeth Again on Obamacare Sign-Up Numbers

Back in 2009, the intrepid Joe Wilson—Republican representative for South Carolina’s 2nd congressional district—was way ahead of his time by laudably interrupting President Barack Obama’s address to a joint session of Congress with his awesome “You lie!” exclamation. Since 2009, all that Obama’s done for the most part has been to pathologically lie to the American people, so Wilson was right on the money. The only thing he did wrong was to apologize to Obama for that outburst, of course.

Now, in 2014, we have more outrageously strong suspicions of yet another Obama lie, this time concerning the questionable Obamacare sign-up numbers. Earlier this week, Obama and White House spokesbrat Jay Carney were rubbing it in everyone’s faces that about seven million Americans did sign up for the widely disapproved train wreck called Obamacare.

“See…see!” they shouted. “We told ya that we would meet the enrollment numbers, so shut the hell up, Republicans and conservatives!” Naturally, they didn’t phrase it quite like that, but you can bet your last bill of Obama money that that’s exactly what they were thinking. The only problem with this insultingly ludicrous claim and Obama’s and Carney’s audacious bragging is that they’re absolutely full of BS.

Only a few days before April 1, the sign-up numbers were destined to fall WAY below the seven million mark, and then, as if by pure magic, the numbers are suddenly met in a way that completely defies all the laws of probability. So what happened? Did Obama and company actually “Galifianakis” (however you pronounce that train wreck of a name) their way to meeting the mark? Did a bunch of millennials suddenly believe that paying for older, unhealthier Americans was a good deal for them?

No one knows for sure, but you can take an educated guess that Obama and company lied yet again as part of a propaganda campaign to shore up desperately needed support for a piece-of-crap law that has widespread condemnation. Here’s what we do know:

–Just a paltry 23% of those who signed up were uninsured before signing up, according to RAND
–Many who signed up already were insured, but had their policies tyrannically canceled due to the insanely oppressive requirements of Obamacare
–Only about half of those newly insured Americans actually paid their premiums for the first month

What this all means is clearly that an absolutely INSIGNIFICANT number of Americans has legitimately signed up for Obamacare if we hold Obama to his own deceptive standards that some 32 million Americans out of 48 million uninsured Americans would be covered because of Obamacare.

Further, Obama has absolutely no credibility to claim victory when we consider that he has a notorious track record of lie after lie after lie that would actually make a carnival barker seem way more credible. Some of the biggest Obama lies up to this point have been:
–Pledging to halve the U.S. deficit by the end of his first term
–Shutting down Gitmo
–Lowering the costs of healthcare premiums
–Refusing to use national security as an excuse to spy on fellow Americans
–Promising not to hire lobbyists at the White House
–Promising Americans can keep their healthcare plans if they like them
–Promising to defend the U.S. Constitution

This is only a partial list; if I were to list all of the president’s lies, I’d get carpal tunnel syndrome from having to endlessly type all of his lies. The gist is, obviously, that Obama has lied more than any politician ever, which is really saying something since politicians are already synonymous with dishonesty!

So when you take the fact that evidence establishes that the seven million sign-up numbers are, at best, untrustworthy, with the fact that Obama has a track record of pathological lying, you can pretty safely conclude that this seven million number is an utter fraud.

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