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LIMP NOODLE: Porn Equals Less Sex, Less Testosterone and Impotency

Chad Howse Fitness – Does porn benefit the man you are becoming by giving you this pleasure you seek, or does it destroy the man you could be?

Porn and Sex

Porn makes you want less sex in the real world.

One time watching porn isn’t all that bad, right? But you enjoyed that feeling so much and it was so damn easy to create that the next time you sit down at your computer you do it again. Then again another time. You’re now training your body to seek porn for pleasure and for this “high”. You’re creating your very own kind of chemical dependency.

As you continue to watch porn your tastes in the kinds of sex you want to have change, but your appetite for real sex diminishes as well, as you’ve now programmed yourself to be stimulated by the visual and not by the contextual. You now need to see those massive boobs and those perverse acts to get off, and as we mentioned with the Coolidge Effect, the escalation in taste will never quite be quenched, it always needs to change and evolve. So as you watch more porn you become less able to have real sex or be stimulated by a real woman.

In short, porn makes you impotent.

With our value as men placed so highly on our ability to perform during sex, if we’re unable to get or sustain an erection with a lovely lady, our value as men is crushed, our self-worth is diminished, and feelings of depression and inferiority soon follow. What started out as a seemingly innocent activity has now made us into less of a man, almost over night.

With continued use of porn you can expect the following changes”

  • Goodbye morning wood and all other spontaneous erections.
  • Impotence – as already mentioned, you become dependent on the visual stimulation of porn and are completely unable to perform with a real partner. I don’t know of any man’s life narrative that doesn’t include bedding his dream girl.
  • An inability to ejaculate with a real partner – let’s say you can get it up with a real woman, you may now have to fake an orgasm.
  • No longer effected by pleasure – your braciole is no longer sensitive to touch, it’s purely depended on the visual of porn, but not for long…
  • As you continue watching porn and the Coolidge Effect is doing it’s thing, you’ll run out of porn that stimulates you. With an inability to perform with a real partner and an inability to get it up with porn – no matter how weird the porn is – you’re rendered useless.
  • Solution? ED drugs like viagra won’t work because the problem isn’t the penis, it’s the brain.

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