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Lord, Hear Our Prayers! Proper Response to Recent Headlines

by Mike Martin
Clash Daily Contributor

Recent Headlines that I’m too disgusted with to reply to with long rational articles.

TSA – Mute woman denied boarding –  TSA refuse to board a MUTE woman because she “refused” to talk. They did this even after being informed that the woman was mute… All in favor of a flying boycott, thus shutting down airlines and their profits  until they stand up to the government’s unreasonable regulations restricting flying. Praise the Lord – Deny the Profits…

Special needs student convicted for getting evidence that he was being threatened…after being threatened with a felony charge for taping people threatening him, special needs student pleads guilty to a lessor charge. Never plead guilty and always insist on a jury trial! Sung to the tune of prosecutors always overcharge – a 97 year old man accused of rape pled guilty to a lessor charge – assault with a dead weapon! Looks to me like a case where the prosecutor should be prosecuted for impersonating a human being. Lord, Hear my prayer!

Islamophobe…There is no such thing as an Islamophobe or Islamophobia. Phobia meaning an “UNREASONABLE FEAR” of something – in this case Islam.  Islam is a cult that requires its followers to force you to pay tribute to support your own religion, convert you to their cult or to kill you, and to lie about their cult if it helps them subvert yours. So it’s not unreasonable to believe that Islam cultists want to kill you for being a Christian. Thus, its not a phobia if it’s the truth.

In addition if you are not afraid of these murdering cultists, but are willing to meet force with force – then there is no fear. Not that the cult can’t have you killed – or vice versa – but “I will fear no evil, for thou art with me…” Those without fear cannot be said to be phobic about the child molesting Mohammed  or his damned followers. I pray the Lord to SHOW ME THE WAY to follow his WILL.

Islam only fraternity…I would love to see several homosexuals sue the Islamic fraternity for denying them admission for being openly homosexual. I wonder if the cult of Islam can love the sinner while hating the sin?

LA’s Sherriff’s deputies shoot two of three escaping hostages – killing one. I hate to sound like a repeating record – but what are their Use Of force or Rules Of Engagement Guidelines?  My wife says I shouldn’t say “is it any wonder that a policeman pointing a weapon at me makes me afraid for my life, invoking my rights of self defense?  Please, Please, publish your rules so that we can follow the same rules, after all, aren’t we both subject to the same laws? LORD, HEAR MY PRAYER.

Prosecutor says sixteen year old had an almost perfect self defense claim, so charged him with murder to force a plea bargain on illegal possession charge . Always, always plead not guilty and demand a trial by jury and demand that the Police Use Of Force or Rules of Engagement guidelines be entered into the public record. LORD HEAR MY PRAYER!

Michael Martin, TX – A self confessed Christian who readily admits his falling short of Christian beliefs. I find it nigh impossible to forgive my trespassers and to love mine enemies . LORD FORGIVE ME, THOUGH I HAVE TROUBLE FORGIVING OTHERS…

[Editor’s Note: Cheer up, Mike. It is only by God’s grace that we can forgive our enemies. With Him, all things are possible. That’s why He makes it available to us. Further to that: Thursday, May 1 is the America’s National Day of Prayer.]

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mike martinMike Martin thanks you for the opportunity to express “different points of views”, and if you were to ask his family they would probably tell you that he’s as different as they come….