Memo to Squabbling Republicans: Shut Up! Fight Back!

Written by Allan Erickson on April 20, 2014

Glenn Beck doesn’t like Mitch McConnell.  Michael Reagan attacks Tea Party candidates calling them kooks. John Bolton hammers Rand Paul for ambiguity on Iran.  John McCain calls Ted Cruz a ‘wacko bird’ and ‘crazy.’  Rush Limbaugh periodically attacks the GOP as irrelevant.  Ann Coulter hammers Republicans as well, then exalts Chris Christie and Mitt Romney, eventually turning to Ted Cruz for solace.  Speaker Boehner attacks the Tea Party, and at least one TP group accuses him of suffering from ‘electile dysfunction.’ Karl Rove arrogantly attacks Tea Party activists as well, forgetting all about little details like the consent of the governed, and the American tradition of government of, by and for The People.

Have we forgotten all about the campaigns of 1980, 1984 and 2010?

Have we become so obsessed with winning arguments we’ve lost sight of saving the country?

Is information overload forcing us to live in a sound-bite world suffering from short-term memory loss?

Is the only unifying force left the Obama promise of more handouts blended with demonization, legalized pot and moral relativism?

Are we forever condemned to half the country fighting the other half of the country for scraps from the oligarch’s table?

Come November, it may be our last chance to salvage what is left of the Founder’s vision: liberty itself.  If Republicans hold the House, and gain the Senate, it just might be possible to hog tie this rogue president long enough to put a real leader in the White House, then begin the long, hard task of rebuilding our country and our standing in the world.

But so long as Republicans bicker and fight, our chances are slim.  So long as moderates attack conservatives, destroying any chance of unity, we risk utter failure.  Every day we allow squabbling to prevent a coherent message being communicated to undecided voters is a day closer to disaster.

Three things are required right now:
A. Stop all this stupid in fighting, immediately (President Reagan’s 11th Commandment)
B. Formulate a national plan for victory based on five key issues
C. Craft messaging for each of those five issues, and urge every candidate to hammer those messages home, every day, all day

The Five Key Issues:
1. The Economy
2. Jobs
3. Healthcare
4. Government spending
5. Education

These are the top five issues of most concern to the American people.  They are interrelated, and crucial.  They strike at the heart of where people live, regardless of partisan affiliation.  And in each area, Obama and the Democrats have been horrendous failures.

The messaging should be straightforward: since 2006 the Democrats have run the show, and it is a disaster in each of these five categories.  Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is insanity.  Bring sanity back to the table.  We know how to grow this economy, how to create jobs, how to solve the healthcare mess created by the Democrats, how to harness out of control government spending, and how to improve education for our children.  We’ve done it before, and we can do it again.

If the economy is to survive, then thrive, these measures must be implemented:

>Abolish the IRS, and install a flat or fair tax
>Reform taxes on business: simplify, reduce
>Cut government spending: real cuts, not just slow the rate of increase
>Cut entire departments such as Education and EPA
>At least get consensus on near-term plans to save the patient before he flat lines (Ryan Budget?)
>Remove all redundant spending
>Insist on efficient government
>Reduce bureaucracy, push authority to the states wherever possible
>Cut regulations hindering business without putting the environment at risk
>Encourage investment
>Open up resource development – wealth comes from the ground
>Revive coal, develop fossil fuels
>Invest in Green energy where it makes economic sense, leaving it to market forces to determine viability
>Find ways to decentralize banking
>Return to a currency backed by precious metals
>Restore American manufacturing
>Open international markets
>Encourage investment across the board
>Create and encourage an entrepreneurial environment where creativity and inventiveness are rewarded
>Limit welfare and unemployment benefits to encourage worker engagement
>Promote private ownership of land and resources, removing land from government control
>Enhance farming and resource extraction efforts, responsibility

Repeal ObamaCare, and start over, making sure quality healthcare is available at affordable prices without allowing the feds to take over the entire system. Let the market work.  Competition is great, across state lines.  Creative plans will flow from entrepreneurs.  Costs will drop.  Quality will increase.  Access will open up.

Get the federal government completely out of education.  Leave it to the states and localities.  Call on parents to get involved, to volunteer and to work with teachers and administrators on curriculum and discipline most suitable to local cultures. Competition is key.  Tax dollars should follow the student.  School choice is crucial.

Conservatism is akin to Founding Principles, and those principles have worked very well.  We must focus on revitalizing the practical application of those principles.  To do so we must unify, and get on message.  It is the only way to defeat Obama and the usurpers he encourages.  Radicals under his leadership do not fight each other, and they stay on message.

Either we do likewise, and get on a war footing in this fight, or we are all through, and, as Reagan warned, we’ll soon be telling our kids and grandkids what it was like in America when people were free.

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Allan Erickson
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