A New ‘Crusade’? Is It Time for One?

Written by Mark Mayberry on April 19, 2014

When I first started writing publicly I was baptized by fire by the left and their internet army of dissenters. I used to take each and everything that was said about me and my writing to heart. It took me a long time to understand that because my views weren’t popular I was going to be publicly flogged in the arena of ideas and mocked and made fun of for my beliefs. After a lot of practice and some consultation from colleagues, I have begun to welcome this politically correct judgment and even look forward to it.

Actually, many people in my private life ask me why I write for very little in return. The answer is simple. I have become an individual who thrives in the conflict and I get all I need in return by knowing that no matter what, I will always be the person that is never afraid to offer the unpopular opinion. I feel like I have begun to model myself as the next generation of Pat Buchanan although I doubt I will ever be as smart or holistically educated as Mr. Buchanan. One thing he has taught me is that the truth is often unpopular and always something most don’t want to hear. So I encourage people to comment on this column and share it with your liberal friends because I have a great dose of truth that needs to be heard.

I have been a student of the Middle East and radical Islam for going on thirteen years now. Ever since 9/11 I have been drawn to look into the major players and why terrorism happens. Since I was a junior sitting in the back of my first period study hall in Tampa and listening to the first tower collapse on September 11, 2001, I have been searching for why a “religion of peace” would carry out such a cowardly attack on non-military people. I can tell you that thirteen years later I am filled with more questions and internal conflicts than I was on that day so many years ago. But as I read and investigate groups and people that no one in America cares about, people like Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, Ramzi Yousef and the Haqqani Network, I am understanding a few very important facts that need to be understood.

The first of which is we are at war with Islam whether the Bush or Obama Administrations wanted to admit to it or not. Both administrations did this politically motivated song and dance about how we are at war with terrorism and not with Islam. At the time when George W. Bush gave the song and dance I believed it. Years later when Barack Obama went on his apology tour of the Middle East I still kind of believed that we needed to try and reach out to those who were not radicalized because our motto is “Out of many, one.”

However, at this point, I have to admit I no longer feel that way. Here is where the story is going to get “real” and people are going to start getting hurt feelings. As a provocateur extraordinaire here at Clash Daily, I feel it is my duty to say how I really feel about Islam.

Are all those who follow Islam evil? Absolutely not, they have fallen victim to a religion that is tailor made for those who live and survive in some of the worst places in the world. There is a reason that Islam has never natively taken root in a first world country that people want to live in. I hold no malice toward Muslims who do not commit harm or incite others to do so. The Christians lived in harmony with many Muslims during the Crusades. I believe that Muslims are free to be Muslims until they cross the line and oppress Christians and Jews alike.

The first Crusade started in 1096 or so and lasted until around 1272. These Crusades were initiated by the Vatican to provide safe passage for Christian pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land. In fact, the Knights Templar that I speak about so much were a paramilitary unit that protected Christians abroad in Muslim dominated areas. The Vatican knew that the scourge of Islam was taking over more and more of the world and they knew that it was their Christian duty to defend those of their faith who were being persecuted by Muslims.

The Crusades were long and bloody and sowed the seeds of contempt that last to this day between religions. However, the one thing the Vatican did do was show the Islamic aggressors that Christians were not going to take persecution laying down and that although we love all men, we also understand that there is a time to pick up a sword or a gun today to defend our Christian brothers and sisters.

Somehow in all our new found civility of the twentieth and twenty-first century, we have lost our fight and now we sit around and cry and morn for the persecuted Christians around the world but never would we think of doing anything about it. I hear so many Christians who say, “Mark, all we can do is pray for them.” Well I have reached the point where that isn’t good enough. I have grown weary of watching innocent women and children being tortured and brutalized by barbarians because they profess their belief in the one, true, living God. When will we realize that much like the Vatican we have a responsibility to protect Christians languishing in Africa and the Middle East?

It has gotten to the point that our news doesn’t even cover the horrific things that Muslims are carrying out around the world. I am willing to bet that most of you have no idea that hundreds of Christians are falling under the sword of Islam in Nigeria these last few months. As many as two hundred young Christian school girls have been abducted in two incidents and traded into sexual slavery by emissaries of the religion of peace. When is it going to be enough?

Do I really need to continue? How about college students ambushed in Nigeria by Islamic militants and gunned down in the streets for being Christians. Coptic Christians being tied to trees, doused in gasoline and lit on fire in Egypt. Finally Syria, where the militant that are armed and funded by the United States are routinely entering Christian villages and raping and murdering their disgusting little hearts out.

The time for political correctness is over. The time for praying for our enemies is over. There is only so much reasoning you can do with a rabid dog before you put it down. This is not just an abroad problem. There are honor killings in the European Union and the United States every year. It is time to stop this scourge on Christians.

If people want to continue to follow Islam it is none of our business but when their religion begins to empower them to take the lives of those who just wish to live and raise their families, it becomes the business of Christians everywhere.

Jesus said, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.” It wasn’t said in sarcasm, folks. The Israelites slaughtered their way to the Holy Land. I know we don’t like to think about it now but it did happen. David removed the head of Goliath. He didn’t just hit him with a rock. Many people tell me Islamic radicals make up only one percent of Muslims. I have always doubted this claim but even if it true, that is an army of blood thirsty animals that numbers more than a million. Sometimes you have to incinerate the garbage when it is spreading disease; so, too, with people, I suppose.

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