Perfect! Jay Carney and Family; Paradigms of Democrat Hypocrisy

Written by Marilyn Assenheim on April 16, 2014

When life presents lemons that can be converted, not to lemonade but to Olympian nectar, it would be sinful to waste the opportunity. A recent issue of Washingtonian Mom ran a cover story on D.C. power couple, Jay Carney and his wife, Claire Shipman and their two, sweet children. Very, very sweet. So saccharine is the fawning family portrait, in fact, that the piece (accompanied by comically falsified photographs) could induce type 1 Diabetes in a corpse.

Much has been made of the less notorious photograph, featuring the laughably staged Carneys, pointing, oohing and aahing adoringly over young, master Carney, flipping an absolutely perfect sunny-side-up egg. The egg positioned perfectly, mid-air, over the frying pan for the camera, mind. Yeah. Right. As long as we’re talking absurdity, one must also point out that the quantity of food already on the counter would, as Rush Limbaugh had pointed out, “feed an NFL team for a week”…including different kinds of eggs. As the inimitable Rush pointed out “Guess there’s no ‘food desert’ in their neighborhood.”

But the commotion generated by the egg-flipping production focused mainly on the Soviet propaganda poster in the background, a Communist riff on “Uncle Sam Wants You!” Why such an artifact’s presence in the Carney household should be noteworthy at all is surprising. The Carney/Shipman pedigree makes such nostalgia for Mother Russia quite understandable. American Thinker explains: “…both sides of the power couple studied Russian during their Ivy League educations (he: Yale, she: Columbia) and became Moscow correspondents for major news agencies (he: TIME Magazine… she: CNN)…” American Thinker goes on to decry the fact that Carney/Shipman seem to be wistful for the communism past: “The Black Book of Communism informs us, communism killed more people than even Nazism.  With their fancy Ivy League educations, the Power Couple ought to know this. How many foreign correspondents in Berlin in the 1930s…brought home Nazi propaganda posters and raised their children among them?” Good question.

The favored topic of ridicule was the ham-handed, artlessly staged image of Carney and Shipman, behind a lectern, conducting a fake news conference for their adoring children. The Carney son had his hand raised to pose a “question.” Adorable. To say this photo was carelessly cobbled together would be like Jay Carney claiming that the phony pictures mirroring Hillary’s horror in the situation room during the Bin Laden raid were genuine. Oh. Wait; he did that didn’t he?

Suffice it to say that the wizards at Washingtonian Mom thought sparse book shelves behind Carney and Shipman weren’t sufficiently loaded to represent how smart they thought readers should find them. So they photo shopped existing books, no fewer than a dozen times, even including a stray reproduction of Carney’s son’s raised pinky finger in their haste. UK’s MailOnline quoted an arch Twitter exchange: “OMG. They even forgot to erase the kid’s finger in the fake book Photoshop,” read one tweet. “Pfft! Like YOU don’t use kids’ fingers for bookends,’ came a reply.”

Additionally, this contrived photo offered evidence that the propaganda poster was not a fluke. Also present on the bookshelves are a Russian matryoshka doll and a Mikhail Gorbachev bobble head doll. MailOnline made hay of the photo, quoting several attendees of the New Hampshire Freedom Summit: “Attendees of the New Hampshire Freedom Summit guffawed at the sight of Carney and Shipman’s suddenly multiplying book collection. ‘That’s about right,’ quipped a woman from Concord who said her name was Judith. ‘Phony books, phony answers, phony White House. Anyone surprised?’ Her husband…pointed to a book…‘Does that say Soviet Architecture?’ he asked. ‘It does,’ doesn’t it?’”
It did.

The White House’s latest cause célèbre, equal pay for women, is completely undermined by the gist of Shipman’s statements throughout the Washingtonian article. Shipman has worked part time for 5 years and piously lauds her decision. The Daily Caller highlights Democrat duplicity: “…a lot of moms make similar choices…(but t)he decision Shipman made to work part-time serve as a microcosm to help explain the pay gap that Carney and his boss, President Obama, spent the better part of last week demagoguing —Call it hypocrisy or irony but …During the 2008 Republican National Convention, then-MSNBC’s Norah O’Donnell suggested that maybe—Sarah Palin should be home with her child (instead of running for vice president.) O’Donnell was herself, a busy working mom —And yet, here she was suggesting… that Palin’s family would be better served if she were … baking cookies and standing by her man?”

The real issue is, of course, Democrat hypocrisy. The Washingtonian, aptly described as a “glossy rag,” isn’t really intended for us chickens. It caters to the incestuous and exalted community inhabiting the Washington corridor. They see no contradiction in forcing cargo accommodations on their constituency while living first class themselves. But it does offer America valuable insight. Kind of like the time FLOTUS wore $400 sneakers to her photo op at a soup kitchen. As such, the ineptly manufactured presentation of life in the Carney/Shipman household is the perfect face for The Lyin’ King’s two Americas.

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Marilyn Assenheim
Marilyn Assenheim was born and raised in New York City. She spent a career in healthcare management although she probably should have been a casting director. Or a cowboy. A serious devotee of history and politics, Marilyn currently lives in the NYC metropolitan area.