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WHAT A POS: Deputy Shoots Texas Family’s Farm Dog

RAINS COUNTY, Texas — On an 85-acre family farm in Point, Texas, she was a fixture.

“If cows were out here, I’d say ‘Candy! Go this way to the right!'” said Cole Middleton, as he whistled, “and she’d go gather them to the right. She’d look back at me the whole time like, ‘Daddy, what do I need to do?’ I could whistle and tell her, ‘Go to the left, you forgot one.’ And she’d go all the way back.”

Candy was Middleton’s 2-year-old blue heeler. Friday afternoon, she was in the back of Middleton’s truck as it sat in his driveway. Middleton was working in the pasture.

He had called the Rains County Sheriff’s Department hours earlier to report a break in. Someone got in his home and stole guns, electronics, and his wife’s jewelry.

Rains County Deputy Jerrod Dooley got to the Middletons a few hours after the call came in. His in-car camera was rolling as he pulled down the long driveway, parking right behind Middleton’s truck.

Candy is seen and heard barking, then jumping out of the truck and out of the camera’s view, so what happened next is not on video.

Deputy Dooley said while Candy didn’t bite him, she charged at him. And he shot her. A vet said the dog was hit in the back of her head.

The video from that dash camera shows Dooley breaking the news to Middleton.

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