Put on your Thinking Caps, and your Tinfoil Hat, Too!

Written by ++++Allen on April 22, 2014

Back in the day of the 1950’s-60’s, a TV show called Romper Room was on the air.  The hostess was a young sweet woman called Miss Nancy.  We, the too young for regular school kiddies, were schooled in the gentlest way by our babysitter the TV. During the show at some point we would be instructed by Miss Nancy to ”put on your Thinking Caps”.  It was a signal that you were going to be learning something very important and you needed to listen up, and pay attention! 
So fast forward now 50 years or so.  In case you haven’t noticed, we are in a culture war on several fronts in America.  I can assure this article is not going to slam Miley Cyrus or Lindsay Lohan, they both do a good enough job of that themselves.  I am going to address one social shift that is taking place.  So put on your Thinking Caps, and let’s go.  I will explain the Tin Foil Hats later.
If you are over-worked and exhausted – maybe you are a single mother working full time with kids who mistake you for a bright yellow taxi cab – well, you have probably missed some things.  Here is another Thinking Cap moment: don’t compensate working parent guilt by jumping on the anti-everything band wagon, therefore reasoning that you are doing your parental job protecting your children in your absence.

Whether you have noticed or not, your brain is being manipulated to react emotionally on hot button issues, by special interest groups or government pet projects.  I will touch on one current event, that is vital right now, that we as Americans have before us.  Liberals will milk a tragedy for all its worth.  Let’s look at the Gun Control movement, which really picked up steam after Sandy Hook. Agenda driven groups were hoping for a knee-jerk reaction and got it.

Guns are the new cigarette to be vilified.  Remember the early 90’s?  That’s when the anti-cigarette movement was at full steam.  It worked!  My oldest came home from elementary school, and told me that the teacher said “Your dad does drugs because he smokes cigarettes”.  WTH? Being a housewife, I’ve got all the time in the world to fight any form of tyranny I may find.  So guess where I was the next morning?  Yep in my daughters classroom.  Taking names and kicking some liberal, mind-bent ass.

After I was done there, I went to the principal’s office.  How dare they vilify my husband to his daughter.  This is just one example of intrusive manipulation in an attempt to manipulate our thinking and behavior.  Had I been too busy or not paid attention, my daughter could have continued to think her dad was a “bad guy” for smoking cigarettes.  Thank God I had on my Thinking Cap to be able to sift the B.S. out of my kids’ minds.    
I’m asking you to put on your Thinking Cap about Gun control and use Confucius logic.  Ask yourself if steak knives kill people,. Should we outlaw steak knives?  Of course not! (By the way I just bought a snazzy new steak knife set.)

What about crowbars?  I need a crowbar with all the remodeling we do on our home, so of course not.  Or what about hammers?  No way!  My husband has been given my Honey Do List to work on.  Or what about baseball bats?  America would miss one of their favorite past times and the stadiums would be empty.  How about outlawing our vehicles?They’re 1500 pound weapons for goodness’ sake!  Should we outlaw them too? No.  Yet all the aforementioned have been used in murders, many times over too.  

Hey, guns don’t kill people, people kill people!  So why are special interest groups and our government so gung-ho to remove guns from all of us Americans?  Look to the not so distant past, to pre-WWII Germany and the soon coming Nazi reign. Guns were removed from the citizenry after WWI, making it pretty hard to fight off an army if all you have is a pitch fork.

Our Founding Fathers knew how evil power is in the hands of government.  Read some of their statements and writings on the importance of guns in the hands of citizenry. This could be one of the reasons why Our F.F. are so vilified in our government controlled Public Schools. The F.F. are being portrayed as Big Bad White Men who owned slaves. That’s all most of today’s students know of these great men. Therefore, with so much vilification, who would want to hear or read anything they had to say. Yet, The Founding Fathers’ great writings, have stood the test of time.

So now this is when you need to apply the Tinfoil Hat. Our brains should not be parking lots for every bit of propaganda that comes down the pike, for whatever the agenda is at the time. When you are hearing all the doom and gloom reports from our media, which happens to be this administration’s personal mouth piece, put on your Tinfoil Hat!  Filter thru the B.S!  Some Americans never learned the lessons taught on Romper Room, such as learning to pay attention and observe.  Some will fall for anything; don’t let it be you.
Side Note:
If you go to Youtube.com, and pull up the old black and white Romper Room TV shows, it’s amazing how well behaved and respectful all the very young children are.  It definitely shows how we are descending the proverbial Slippery Slope.  Undisciplined, and out of control children, usually turn into undisciplined and out of control adults. That in itself is another article to write about!

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++++Allen is an old-enough-to-know-better, concerned American. Lover of God and Country, wife and mother of three grown twenty-something babies. Crusading the fight against "real" social injustice issues, and liberal idiots, anywhere I find it, and them. She's written a book available on amazon.com: The Underbelly of a Mega Church Image: Joan of Arc; Courtesy of: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joan_of_Arc#mediaviewer/ Archivo:Portrait_jeanne_d%27arc.jpg