Scandal! Mammonisation of the Institution that Should not Be Mammonised

Published on April 2, 2014

by TB Chamomile
Clash Daily Contributor

The following is an email to Australian Christians, many of whom do not understand what Jesus meant when He said that one “cannot serve both God and mammon.” It serves as a warning for Christians everywhere, including those who think and identify themselves as evangelists. Whenever you tell them about what is wrong with the world, they accuse you of being judgmental and having an air of superiority. The reason for all decay is the worship of the spirit of Mammon, which is in absolute opposition to the nature of God. This is the core issue that all need to deal with. All other issues are secondary to this as they stem from the worship of Mammon:

Many non-Christians think that Christians are hypocritical. For those of you who say that “everyone is hypocritical”, this is not true. Some people who staunchly commit to extremely evil things do not reprimand others for the moral values. They are staunch in what they do and do not assume moral high ground. 

Many secularists complain about why the “conservative Christians” get involved in politics and interfere with what they think is “civilised’” society. They criticise the silence of the Church about certain issues that the Church should be dealing with, such as usury. This is the reason why Karl Marx lost all respect for the Church because it failed to stop usury, an abomination according to God. Despite his hatred of religion, he once said that “religion is the heart of a heartless world”, presumably with reference to Christianity. Christianity should be the heart of a heartless world, but it appears that in the modern world, it is not. If you didn’t know, check this out:​ Usury is evil to the core like homosexuality, abortion, fornication, etc. Please, do not tell me that the link is not “ultimately authoritative”. Seriously. It is the Bible. You have been warned. 

The Church has become extremely mammonised. Many Christians are too busy in pursuing achievements, money, power, pursuits and other things. The modern Church is now the achievement-driven, status-improving, comfort-seeking Church. It is very true that many secularists are extremely arrogant and think they don’t need God. However, many in the church are not following the Bible by giving up one’s possessions, and one self. They are only ever focused on their “own’” needs. They think that they can provide for themselves without God’s helping hand. Of course, this is not to say that you can sit back and do nothing and let all your needs drop from the sky. I should not have to tell you this, but it looks like many Christians in Australia need to be told. If I sound “patronising” to you, then so be it. 

Jesus said that one cannot serve God and Mammon. Many Christians in Australia try to, but it is impossible. You will hate one and love the other. 

If you accuse me of being self-righteous for saying this, that one cannot serve both Mammon and God, you are not mocking me. You are mocking God. That is your problem if you cannot accept it. 

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chamomile-heart1-300x180The Beautiful Chamomile is a university student from Australia. She blogs at http://fightingthe Her interests are in history, economics, law and philosophy. She loves God, family and community. TB Chamomile believes that only true wisdom comes from God and seeks to lead the way in getting rid of the “cloud of repression” formed by false doctrines of the modern world. She loves fighting the feminists and other false prophets.

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