Sheep and Sheeple? Out-of-Control Gov’t Regards Them the Same

Published on April 20, 2014

by Mike Martin
Clash Daily Contributor

I was watching T.V. where some farmers were served with search warrants and had property seized. Sheep were seized and milking equipment was seized and even portable stalls were seized. The U.S.D.A. said that they were afraid of mad cow disease. Now these sheep were imported, served a quarantine period before they were shipped here, and served another quarantine period after they arrived. They were imported legally. After the sheep were seized they were killed by the U.S.D.A. even though tests showed that they were healthy. The “contaminated milking equipment and stalls were also destroyed. They continually confiscated hay as it was harvested as it was also “contaminated” by the sheep that were not sick.
Since it’s not illegal to own sheep, or milking equipment or milking stalls, I wonder why a warrant was even issued. If they were worried that the sheep were contaminated, they could have forbidden the sale of the sheep – pending the outcome of testing. To seize the sheep without payment for said sheep is stealing and certainly isn’t covered under “due process of law”. Due process, to me, would mean that they should get their day in court before the seizures can be made. But that would require them to actually present evidence in support of their charges.
I feel that our government is so out of control that the government should be presumed guilty until their innocence is established through at least a preponderance of evidence. I even feel sorry for the police who must serve these farcical warrants and face the potential wrath of the innocent being wrongly accused.
Apparently, 1st the government comes for your livestock, then they take children from their parents as in the recent case where doctor’s disagreed over the proper course of treatment so the welfare department steps in and takes the child away from her parents. As a result, the daughter has been getting sicker for over a year and is close to death for her mental condition, not malnutrition due to a genetic deficiency.
What is the point of shifting this story line in the middle from sheep to children ? When the people stand for an out of control government we are all sheep, waiting to be put down at the government’s convenience or ire.

America – Where Is Your Outrage ? Yeah, I know, it’s easier to do nothing and have your government entity sued, and have to pay with your tax dollars, than to overthrow that government entity at the polls. The day is approaching when when force of arms may be required, rather than a peaceful voting overthrow of our crooked politicians.

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