TELL PETA: Man Catches World Record 11ft, 805lb Mako Shark and BBQ’s It for 200 Buddies

Published on April 22, 2014

One man from Florida caught an 11-foot-shark weighing 805 pounds that may just break the world record for land-based shark fishing for makos.

Last Tuesday night in Joey Polk of Milton, Florida wrestled with the monster mako shark and at times used almost 900 yards of fishing line from his reel.

‘She was pulling line out of my reel at easily 60 miles and hour. We call that ‘smokin’ the drag’ round here,’ said Polk.

SFGate reports that to celebrate his catch, Polk decided to barbecue the shark and serve it to his friends when he was unable to revive the fish.

‘We tried to revive the fish and send him back out, but he was too worn out to swim,’ the 29-year-old Joey Polk said.

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