Tolerance? If You’re Looking For It, Don’t Look At Islam

Written by Audrey Russo on April 6, 2014

A popular keyword in the culture today is the word “Tolerance”. It gives the emotional and intellectually lazy among us, a warm and fuzzy feeling. But those who utilize the term to describe themselves, are about as accurate as the East is from the West.

One of those, to which this term is misapplied (by fools and their ilk), is the totalitarian ideology of Islam.

This draconian system (cloaked in religion) is one of the most INTOLERANT on the Earth today. Their founder, Muhammed, missed little in his quest to control the world with his iron fist. Here’s a cursory look at what he (and his minions) desire to dominate:
— Women and children are viewed as chattel (Quran 4:34; Quran 4:3; Quran 65:4)
— Foods allowed under Sharia Islamic Law, or “Halal” foods, a corrupt copy of Kosher (Quran 5:96)
— Free Speech and Democracy is not acceptable under Islam, because the Quran and Hadith (traditions of Muhammed) are the last word. (Quran 33:36; Bukhari 89:251)
— Non-believers (aka infidels, kafir, kuffar) are considered “najasat” or unclean and ritually impure. Under Islamic Law, they must convert, be enslaved, become second-class citizens (and pay the “jizja” or tax) or die by the sword of Allah (Sura 2:191). Non-Muslims are meant to be subordinate to Muslims (Muslim 19:4294). There’s a particular “intolerance” or hatred for “people of the Book” or Jews and Christians for their rejection of Muhammed as a prophet.
— Those in the Gay lifestyle (one of my recent articles) hold a particular disdain for Muhammed and his minions (Sura 7:80-84; Suras 11:82 and 15:74)

And this is simply scratching the surface of this less-than-loving despotic dogma draped in the burqa of religion.

If you’re truly looking for tolerance, you might prefer to look at who Muhammed called “People of the Book”: Jews and Christians. And the latter of the two is the most persecuted group of people on Earth today. Coincidentally, the perps (perpetrators) are the followers of Islam.

Like East is from the West.

Shalom through strength…

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