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Wakey, Wakey: Understanding The Islamic Mindset, Part 1

We are raising in a generation of  young Americans who are by and large historically illiterate…it’s a very sad situation.” — David McCullough
It’s true that education is not a panacea, as we were able to see with WWII Germany having the highest educated populace in the world at that time. But in a world replete with venal influences…ignorance of those entities is a perilous place to be.

As America has encountered difficult times in her past and has been struck by outside enemies before 9-11, no attack has revealed the dangerous state of ignorance that now renders us vulnerable beyond being borderless, than Sept. 11th.

Sun Tzu, the great Chinese military strategist once said, “If you know neither yourself nor your enemy, you will always endanger yourself.”

Our country has reached this point. We have a population that does not know its history, and is woefully ignorant to the mindset of our ardent enemies.

This spells disaster any way you look at it.

Knowing the Islamic mindset will enable us to comprehend our foes and to know what to expect from our adversaries in Muslim regimes (and their ilk).

They do NOT think as we do. They are weaned on a festering fare…and the result of that nutrition is NOT benign… 

Individual Choice/Free Will:
Islam is not simply a religion. It cannot be practiced separate from the culture. It IS the culture, and its iron fist dictates every move a Muslim makes. From what they eat and with what hand they eat it…to what hand they use in their lavatory hygiene. It does NOT allow its followers to think for themselves, but dictates every aspect of life. There is NO autonomy.

But Islam micro-manages much more than that…

Looking for equality under the law? Not under Allah’s law (Sharia Islamic Law). If you happen to be a woman or a child, good luck gaining equal worth to a Muslim man. Women and children are chattel in the eyes of Islam. Infidels (unbelievers) can NEVER be treated with respect simply because they do not believe in Allah and his self-proclaimed prophet.

If you happen to be “people of the Book’”…aka Jews or Christians…you are ever in Islamic crosshairs. Disdain to the point of slaughter is not unthinkable in Muhammed’s economy. Congenial relationships with infidels is forbidden, for the good Muslim.
In other words: There’s no place for T-Ball in Islamic culture… 

No compromise, if it involves dealing with infidels. If Muslims agree to compromise with unbelievers, they are practicing Taqiyya (deception). And if the infidel compromises…it is viewed as weakness to be conquered. A good example of this is the “truce” or hudna that the Palestinian Authority has called numerous times with Israel. It’s based upon the treaty of Hudaybiyya that Muhammed made with the Quraysh tribe, which controlled Mecca at the time. Muhammad agreed to a hudna or “truce” that was to last for ten years. After two years Muhammad became strong enough to defeat the Quraysh, so he broke the treaty on a pretext and conquered Mecca. Muhammad set the example, and since that time the language of a hudna between Muslims and non-Muslims became code for a pause in the fighting that Muslims can use to build up their strength, then break at a strategic moment.

And we’re just scratching the surface. Their mindset is based upon the Quran and the Hadiths (the traditions of the prophet)…and EVERYONE must submit to these books.

Just a reminder… Islam MEANS submission.

More in Part 2…

Shalom through strength…

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Audrey Russo

Audrey Russo is the Host of the weekly REELTalk Radio Show (NYC). Audrey writes a column for and handles Middle East/National Security/Terrorism/Cultural Issues, and her articles can be read in several other news/opinion journals. She is also a contributor on Audrey's Radio Show can also be heard on the Leading Edge Radio Network. Audrey is also an active member of the NYC performing arts community as a singer and actor.

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