Whoa on the Bundy Ranch Incident! We Don’t Need No Civil War!

Written by Angel Rodriguez on April 17, 2014

The past two weeks, I have been on what many of us would call “vacation mode.” Not to mention that I just migrated from an iPhone 5 to a Samsung Galaxy 5S, so I have been learning how to use the new phone operating system in parallel. I’ve been searching for the best news readers, and basically trying to get all of my functionality back. As such, I have not been keeping up with what’s been happening in the world as much as I’d like to. However, today I managed to get a little caught up on my events. I even managed to watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Great surprise for you on that one, if you are a fan. In addition, I finally could see what was really happening at the Bundy Ranch. 
First impressions from a guy who has been living under a technology rock for the past two weeks? What in blazes is going on in this country? I watched several videos; I read many posts, and I cannot believe what I am seeing here. The images, the video, it all showed what appeared like a scene straight out of a movie. It was like a real cowboy showdown. It was a scene straight out of a Clint Eastwood movie script. 
“We are gonna go ahead and need you to leave this here cattle Ranch, Mister Bundy. You see, Mr. Reid here needs this land for some solar panel projects. I reckon you needs to be going on your way. good sir.” 
Well, Mr. Bundy and his family don’t really care about what Mr. Reid, and his wicked henchmen want. 
“Well, you and your evil henchmen can kiss my bootie. My family has been here for a century, and we are squared away with the state of Nevada. You and your turtles, your hidden agendas, and all your officers can take a hike and go into your shells and die.” 
Well, he didn’t quite say it like that, but I thought the turtle shell statement was clever. Wasn’t it? In any case, the feds saw fit to go into this man’s private land, and start stealing his cattle. They invaded his property and formed what seemed to be a military-style takeover of the ranch. What they were not counting on was such strong support, from “We the people!” Armed and unarmed members of society came down to the ranch and took a stand with the Bundys. This is the real deal right here. I’ve read tons of commentary on articles, and this seemed like the real deal. 
I am thankful that things didn’t get messy. Think about it, with so much firepower on both sides, nerves on the edge, some acts of violence and aggression against the family, all that it would have taken is one slip of an itchy trigger finger and all hell could have broken lose. I mean a full-on massacre with heavy death tolls on both sides. 
Liberal, Conservative, Independent, Libertarian, Gay, Straight, Gang banger, whatever your affiliation, the fact that the government has been taking these types of action against peaceful citizens should be of great concern to us all. Despite our differences, we are all Americans, and these acts are against Americans. 
Don’t think that because you are a Democrat, the government won’t crush you when they need to move you out of the way. That’s the mistake you make, you think that you are immune. Ask yourself though, those of you in public housing, they move you whenever they feel like it, don’t they? Think about that. 
We have been seeing it time and time again lately. Recall that recently the feds invaded a ninety-year-old man’s home, and set up shop as they searched for “artifacts” that he has privately collected over the decades. What about the “Stop and frisk” policies in NYC? I even covered a story that the NYPD was looking into a wireless version of “Stop and frisk.” There have been many attempts at gun confiscations, illegal stop and seizures in Texas, and more and more everyday. One of the “winners” had to be that cop caught on video telling some young folks filming him “Do you see the police presence here? Don’t F with us! You just lost your free speech!” 
The future of this country worries me greatly. I was recently at West Point, attending a military event, (this was part of my vacation mode), and I’m going to West Virginia next month to speak at a Patriot’s Day Tea Party rally, and I’m finding more and more that the lines in this country are being drawn. During a tour at West Point, they covered the civil war, Benedict Arnold, and it all seemed eerily familiar.

I hope that things work themselves out, and that we don’t end up with Americans fighting against Americans, yet again. It is a frightening thought that the Bundy Ranch incident could have been the catalyst for something like this to happen. We really need to restore order to this once great nation, and it starts locally. Vote correctly, my friends, get these people out, and vote right!   

Image: Courtesy of: http://ssvl.wikispaces.com/Civil+War

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