Break Out the Global Warming Hysteria! Election 2016 Approaches

Written by ++++Allen on May 29, 2014

Tis’ the Season, when the left will be rallying their faithful to action. Once again, the highly debated subject of Global Warming will be rolled out of moth balls, just in the nick of time.

What season you may ask? Well, it’s the warming up to the 2016 elections for our new Grand Poo-Bah. This is the Big Kahuna, the elections of all elections. Therefore it’s time once again to heat-up the battle cry of that pesky — although imaginary — evil enemy, Global Warming.

It has been said to never let a good tragedy go to waste. Or in the Democrats’ case, never let a good video for causing despondency among the masses go to waste. So via a willing accomplice, a “Wag the Dog” type videographer who will locate or create a piece of ice set to drift, which by the way, takes place every year in its correct season. Cue the cooperative polar bear which will be spotted in a somewhat precarious situation, floating along on that little, ice, ice baby. Ready set, action, can you hear it?

Here comes the mantra now, in perfect pitch, “By golly, we must end Global Warming, (for the bears) for the sake of our children!” The reference to children is to guarantee support from the Sheeple, which then transforms into votes for their evil empire. Having won the victory, Global Warning will once again return to the moth balls, until the need for votes arises…again.

It’s amazing how the slimy left has no shame in using the “for the good of our children” angle, as they will prostitute their political party for votes. Let us not forget in this coming season that this disingenuous Democratic Party is the party which favors eliminating life (children) from the womb before birth. Would this same party truly be interested in “for the good of our children”? Or rather interested in an earth-worship cause, such as Global Warming? My money’s on the ice, ice baby.

Gee, and isn’t it interesting that after Obama got elected, they’ve stopped talking about Global Warming? Put on your thinking caps, because it has been more than five years since Barak first entered the White House — winning on the slogans of “change” and on Al Gore’s shirt tails of the “Global Warming” cause.

We the American public haven’t had to listen to Al Gore’s incessant blabbering on the subject in quite a while; maybe he will be rolled out of moth balls too. Other willing accomplices, Lurch (aka Kerry) and King Obama will be set to bamboozle the Sheeple by chiming in on the warming rhetoric too, in order to “Win one for the Gipper,” whoever that will be for 2016. Got to start now putting that fear back into the Sheeple for all those slimy votes.

P.S. Remember the smoke and mirrors show when G.W. Bush was president? When night after night the Democrat-compliant nightly news channels would run a ticker at the bottom of the screen that would show our American soldier death count totals in the Middle East? Yet suddenly, when Barack entered the White House, the ticker magically disappeared, as if the deaths had stopped. Saying: See there, all fixed now! Actually the figures show there are more soldier deaths per month in Afghanistan, since Barack Obama became King.

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