How Conservatives Can Best Libs: Reason, Logic and a Little Bit of Crazy

Written by Angel Rodriguez on May 1, 2014

I’m a person that doesn’t blindly follow anyone, or any cause. I like to believe that I am a critical thinker, though many would disagree with me. When looking at a situation, I examine the facts and only then form my own opinion. This carries over to most areas of my life, from my exercise and diet habits, deciding whether or not to trust a person, to my political views. As such you will find that I read, and also contribute to right wing and left wing websites.

I’m one of those people that seeks to unite rather than divide. I recognize that the politicians are playing us against each other. One of the sides is driven by emotional response while the other is driven by fierce loyalty to the rule of law. Personally, I have always believed that anything to an extreme is not a good thing. We need balance in life. You cannot be an irrational, emotional mess, but you also cannot be a machine that blindly follows law and doesn’t think for yourself. At one period, slavery was allowed by the law. Blacks were considered property, and I for one think that these were terrible laws. We have also seen the ridiculous laws that allow murderers, and child rapists to walk free today! So I think we can all agree that the law is not always right.

One thing I have noticed, which is accurate most of the time, is the type of reaction that comes from either side when a view is not in line with their own. The people on the right tend to speak based on facts and reason. Should you not agree with me, as was recently the case on my Clashdaily article, “Slippery Slope”, we respectfully talk and debate our points. The left, on the other hand, will resort to call me names. They will attack my person, family, and some have even gone as far as to threaten me. We’ve seen them force people to resign, as was recently the case with Mozilla, and we can all remember the Duck Dynasty fiasco. All over these people expressing their own personal views. 

There is no secret that politically I lean to the right, but you have to keep in mind that I come from the far left. I was a lifelong Democrat. I have lived in NYC for most of my life, and the indoctrination runs deep here. Even to this day, I can still “understand” the mind of a Democrat. This past is actually of great benefit, because I have insight on how to win those battles. As I mentioned before, they are driven by emotion. They are passionate individuals who fight hard and loud for their causes. They use whatever means they have at their disposal to dispatch their opponents, and they don’t care how, as long as they win. The right, on the other hand, attempts to take the high road most of the time. They would rather stay logical and reasonable, even in the face of disaster. This isn’t always the best strategy though.

A perfect example of this method going wrong was the Mitt Romney and Obama debates. Mitt took the high road, a road that led right back to his home, not the White House. I have said it time and time again, that sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. Romney should have slain Obama on Benghazi. He should have brought up the Fast and the Furious, and any other points of contention. Democrats don’t listen to reason; they work off of emotion. Romney didn’t need to convince us conservatives of what he was saying, he had to open the eyes of middle-ground voters, and those undecided voters. Reason and logic are not the way. I’m not saying they should not factor in, I’m saying that you also have to bring fire, passion, and a little bit of intense crazy! You have to decimate the other guy; completely pick them apart, and show these people their innards.

If I didn’t have such a storied past, ranging from my days of gang banging as a youth, to the current tea-bagger, domestic terrorist, pro-gun, nut job that I am as an adult, I’d run for office. However, I have said and done so many things that would be used against me.  If I ran for any office of note, I’d most likely end up divorced, shot, and possibly killed in NYC.

Even so, there would still be no guarantees that I’d win the office. For me, it’s not worth the personal risk to my loved ones. So I lend you my voice, the voice of reason with just a hint of crazy. I’ll rely on logic, and reason when debating liberals, but I can call them names just as easily as they can do it to me! Logic with fire and passion!
Would you agree with my assessment in regards to the way the two sides debate? 

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