Sterling a Conservative? NBA, Leftists, Racism, and Hatred of US Troops

Written by Paul Hair on May 4, 2014

Conservatives are on the defensive again as leftists label them as racists for something an NBA owner said, but they have an opportunity to change the narrative if they expose the NBA owner who backed a movie that inspired a jihadist to murder American troops.

Ed Schultz, Bill Maher, and others have tried linking Donald Sterling’s comments on black people to conservatives and Republicans. The GOP has no ability to fight back against this, of course, but evidently conservatives don’t either. John Kerry—the U.S. Secretary of State—made anti-Semitic remarks and yet Sterling remains at the top of the news. Apparently everyone has agreed that the L.A. Clippers owner’s thoughts on race are more important than the Secretary of State’s thoughts on race.

This is strange but there doesn’t appear to be any way to change this phenomenon for the time being. So we’ll forget about it for now. Instead, here is an alternative way for conservatives to fight back against leftists and take control of the Donald Sterling narrative.

Larry Elder said that Sterling should go on the offensive against the people (including other NBA owners) who are coming after him. That’s a good idea. But it’s not just a good idea for Sterling; it’s a good idea for conservatives. And Mark Cuban is the perfect place to start.

Cuban owns the Dallas Mavericks. He also helped finance the 2007 movie Redacted, which was a story about American troops in Iraq. As with most modern Hollywood offerings about American troops, Redacted portrayed them in the worst possible light. Bill O’Reilly wrote a column about this called, “The Far-Left, Mark Cuban and A Movie That Will Put U.S. Troops in More Danger.” That column proved prescient.

An Islamic jihadist murdered two U.S. airmen in Germany in 2011. The investigation revealed that the jihadist was inspired, in part, to act after watching an online video that used portions of Redacted:

Uka blamed a video purporting to show American servicemen raping a young Muslim girl for prompting him to try and stop other US soldiers from getting to Afghanistan.

“I thought what I saw in that video, these people would do in Afghanistan,” he told the court.

But the rape footage, billed as an authentic video entitled “what was done to our sisters,” turned out to be a fake using footage from the 2007 anti-Iraq war film Redacted, directed by Hollywood’s Brian de Palma.

Where are the calls for the NBA to rip the Mavericks away from Cuban? Where are the self-righteous rabble rousers denouncing Cuban’s hatred of American troops? Where is the moaning and wailing? The tearing of clothes and the donning of sackcloth?

Nowhere. And I wouldn’t care about the lack of outrage or Cuban owning an NBA team if we lived in a civil world. I’d still think he’s scum but I wouldn’t demand that he be stripped of everything because of it. In fact, I would use him as one example of how American culture tolerates people promoting my murder (I was a serviceman, after all, and Redacted could have inspired some jihadist to murder me) and therefore how I should be able to say anything I want without consequence.

But we don’t live in a civil world. And so conservatives should be outraged. They should fight the narrative leftists have set for Donald Sterling and conservatives by countering it with the narrative that Mark Cuban and Redacted define the left’s hatred of American troops. In other words, if leftists want to say that Sterling is a conservative-linked racist who must be purged from the NBA, then conservatives should demand to know why the NBA hates American troops via its continued embrace of leftist Mark Cuban. Shout it from the rooftops and link Cuban to leftist hatred of American troops every time they attempt to link Sterling to conservative “racism.” If Sterling must be driven from the NBA, then so should Cuban. (Cuban isn’t a complete leftist? So what? Sterling isn’t a conservative and yet leftists have linked him to them.)

Those who still believe they can find common ground with leftists are fools or grossly uninformed. Fighting back against leftists is the only way. And as long as leftists continue attempting to link Sterling and racism with conservatives (and as long as conservatives are unable to bring the left’s racism to the forefront) conservatives should make endless noise demanding that the NBA drop its association with Mark Cuban and his leftist hatred of American troops.

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