Convention of States? Count Me — and My Suggestions — In! (Pt 2)

Published on May 15, 2014

by Mike Martin
Clash Daily Contributor

As I said in part one, when there is a Convention Of States, I want to be a delegate.
In that previous article, I discussed Constitutional Amendments that were needed to rein in Congress’ ABUSE OF POWERS. For this article I will take a stab at changes that will rein in some of the POWERS THAT COURTS/JUSTICES ABUSE.
One of the first abuses is the SCOTUS ( Supreme Court Of The United States ) (or SCROTUM?) assertions that the Constitution is a living document and can be modified by them. This is scrotum crap. Yes, the Constitution can change. There are procedures set forth in the Constitution allowing it to be changed. These changes are called Amendments to the Constitution, not SCOTUS’s decision to change the way they interpret the document based upon the mood of the day.
One of the ways that they and lower courts use is to litigate matters using precedent instead of looking at the original purpose and language of that which is being litigated. Lest SCOTUS finds me in contempt of court, let me state now that I have contempt of the court the way it currently operates.
It is the court’s function to protect the rights of citizens from their own government. Let me say this again – we have a three way/branch of government that is to be locked in an adversarial battle to defend the people. The primary responsibility of the Supreme Court Is to protect the people from the other two branches of government. Towards this end, Justices who violate the Constitution are to be ineligible to hold public office again and their law licenses are to be revoked, and they are disbarred from the practice of Law forever.
Regulations do not have the same force as Law. Juries are to be instructed that they must make a finding on the seriousness of the violation, and then the penalty to be assessed. Juries must be advised of any plea bargain offers from the D.A..’s office and may not render a guilty verdict for any higher offense or charges that may be brought. Yes, the intent is to drastically reduce plea bargains to avoid prosecution.
Government Representatives, Judges, Employees, Congressmen, President, are immune from lawsuits for performing their “duty”. Their “duty” does not include violating the Constitution and for knowingly violating  the Constitution they may be held personally liable. It is not an abdication of their responsibility to find that the matter before them needs to be decided by the other two branches of government – subject to the restraints of the Constitution.
Anytime SCOTUS gives the government more or expanded powers, they shall be subject to recall elections during the current election cycle if six months remains or during the next cycle if less than six months remain. Upon a vote of no confidence by 60% or more of the electorate they will be removed from office and banned from the practice of Law ! SCOTUS’s primary purpose is to protect citizens’ rights from governmental excursion, a duty to which they have been sadly lacking in fulfilling.
Non-citizens do not have the same rights or powers of citizens. They may not vote or hold public office . To this end non-citizens who attempt to vote( who cast a ballot) are guilty of treason for the offense of trying to illegally overthrow the established government. Non-citizens do not have freedom of speech, i.e. they cannot advocate for changes in law or regulations. If found guilty of such acts they will be deported and may not re-enter the United States upon pain of death .
A citizen is defined as currently a legal citizen or the child of a legal citizen . Dual citizenship is not allowed. A child of a U.S. citizen and a citizen of another country will be required to pick allegiance to one country or the other at age 18; i.e., he must be a U.S. citizen prior to voting .
It doesn’t take an attorney/lawyer to understand the Constitution . Thus Supreme Court nominations are to be non-attorney’s who will swear an allegiance to U.S. citizens and the Constitution and an oath to protect those citizens from abuse by the other two branches of government .
I think it’s a crying shame that that we must attempt to confine SCOTUS/SCROTUM to doing only it’s duty.

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