Dr. Mengele Redux: Burning Corn? Dumb; Burning Babies? Ghastly

Written by Steve Bowers on May 6, 2014

A friend just sent over a story about a UN Report on the use of ethanol. Ethanol is a “green” bio-fuel made from corn. It’s main advantage is it is a “green” and/or “renewable” fuel/technology. Now the UN boys tell us it is not cleaner than good old dirty fossil fuels. Which, of course, is almost as shocking as learning the “carbon footprint” is the same for a gas powered car as for an Obama “smart car.” Whether you burn gasoline in your car engine or burn coal to make the electricity to power your car; the “footprint” is the same. Only people as dumb as the people who voted for Obama (which includes him, too) are too dumb to not see through these “green” shams and scams. (It may  be helpful to simply think “Solyndra” whenever you hear the word “green.” It will keep things in perspective.)

And, as noted, it turns out the materials cast off into our air by ”green” bio-fuels are just as numerous, dirty, dangerous and generally nasty as good old fossil fuels. Even more strangely, some scientists are now saying that “oil” may not be a “fossil” but something that just naturally occurs as a mineral in the earth like gold, diamonds, sulfur, manganese and plain old mud. It isn’t required that man make or process the stuff for it to become evil. It’s just present in the ground.

America is the world’s largest corn producer. Since some liberal/commie may read this and not be aware that corn is the thing from which ethanol is made…please note that corn is the natural product from which ethanol is made. And since some liberal/commie might read this, perhaps I should point it out again. Maybe several times so it has a chance to sink in.

Additionally, which also may not be obvious to liberal/commies and other simple-minded folks among us, when we use corn to make dirty bio-fuels, we have less to use for food products and to feed animals, which are also the source of many foods such as eggs, milk, cheese, pork, lamb and beef. Horses eat some corn, but we generally don’t eat horse in this country. (Yet.)

The net result is the rise in corn costs, which is used directly or indirectly for food. And for you non-economics majors (or Harvard guys or Keynesians) that results in INCREASED food costs at YOUR supermarket or health food emporium.  Thus “Economics” ceases to be the “dreary science.” It is now intensely interesting. As interesting as you became in getting your next meal when you were really hungry…maybe once in your life…while lost for a few hours on a nature hike or waiting in line in college to register for a much needed “women’s studies” class … or a retrospective of the life and aesthetics of Che Guevara . The only positive result to all this is that some commie/liberals among us may become semi-enlightened. If they get hungry enough.

Lest you think I think liberals/commies/greenies are all stupid, please be aware I have learned that some such folks have become very creative in resorting to new fuel sources in order to rescue the old planet from the rest of us troglodytes who love old’57 Chevys. I heard a few weeks ago how some British hospital proudly reported utilizing the bodies of aborted babies in their incinerators, which provide system heating as well as ridding the hospital of unpleasant bio-hazardous material. Even the kind souls who ran Auschwitz and other Nazi horrors weren’t this clever. They only burned the bio-hazardous bodies of their victims. I don’t think they were smart enough to also harness the thermal value of the burning bodies. Please remember the Weimar Republic widely countenanced abortion, which it is believed, pre-conditioned some of the German nation to accept the wholesale destruction of their fellow citizens for the betterment of the State. So that when the Nazis/commies/ greenies/liberals/statists trotted out tired old rationalizations of how it was expedient that certain undesirable elements be gotten rid of, it was easy to swallow those rationalizations because babies were already being sacrificed to Moloch. No problem. After all, everyone already knew or suspected that gypsies, homosexuals, Baptists and those always troublesome Jews (and guys like Bonhoeffer, whose crime was protesting the aforementioned enormities) were all better off if placed out of view and excluded from the public consciousness.

Even the language was sanitized (along with the bio-hazardous material of their foul personages). “They” weren’t murdered. “They” were “liquidated.” Millions. Out of sight and out of mind. Except the smell. The distinctive odor of burning human flesh could not be entirely ignored and had to be endured, at least by the good citizens who lived near the death camps. But it was understood that a few might have to endure such sacrifices for the good of the State. Which is why most of the camps were actually in Poland and places outside the German Fatherland.

We are becoming what our fathers loathed and destroyed. Dr. Mengele walks among us and appears quite respectable. See the accompanying cartoon. 

PS: I hope the information I have is inaccurate, but even if the burning body story is wrong, you and I both know it can and probably will happen.


Steve Bowers
Steve Bowers grew up on a farm in Indiana, attended Indiana University and went into the construction business. While working on a construction project at a law school he was appalled at how lawyers could screw stuff up on a simple building project. Thinking he could do better, Steve went to law school. He’s pretty naive.