DUMP THEM: 10 ‘Friends’ You Need To Say Goodbye To In Your 20s

Published on May 16, 2014

Elite Daily – These are some types of “friends” you might very well currently have in your life and should consider permanently removing:

The Green-Eyed Monster

New boyfriend or girlfriend? Big promotion? Win the lottery? Do you ever feel like your good news is making someone else miserable? If that miserable person is someone you call friend, it’s time to let him or her go.

The Flirt

If a friend flirts with your boyfriend or girlfriend, ex, or even crush, take this as a big red flag.

The Back Turner

Picture yourself in a tricky situation at a bar, with some loudmouth fool yelling in your face. Where is your friend at this moment? Next to you, trying to defuse the situation, or silently retreating to the safe zone?

The Flakey Type

Does your friend regularly cancel plans with you last minute? Do you have the sneaking suspicion he or she is being non-committal in case a better opportunity presents itself? Having a flakey friend who repeatedly disappoints can be infuriating.

The Social Climbing Type

When you sense that someone is only spending time with you in an effort to get close to your other friends, that’s a problem — particularly when he or she attempts to cut you out of future plans.

The Gossipy Type

You’ve heard this person talk sh*t about every single friend he or she has. This friend gives you all the dirt, rumors and secrets without you even asking for it. What makes you think he or she doesn’t do the same with your personal information?

Single White Female

SWF refers to someone who tries desperately to act like you, look like you and generally emulate every aspect of your persona — everything from your favorite new nail polish to the new hobby you just picked up.

The Debbie Downer/Negative Nancy

Surrounding yourself with miserable people will only make you miserable. Try to talk to this friend about his or her negativity and try to give constructive advice.

The Self-Obsessed Type

We all know that person who somehow always manages to make the conversation about him or herself and usually interrupts you in the process.

The Rival

This person will stop at nothing to steal any and all attention or praise away from you for his or her own sense of validation. If there is an undeniable “anything you can do, I can do better” quality about this person, get your ass out of there. Destructive competitiveness is toxic to any relationship.

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