EXCLUSIVE: VA Letter Shows that VA Is All Our Future Under Obamacare

Written by Paul Hair on May 25, 2014

Some people have dismissed the argument that the current VA scandal represents what all Americans will eventually experience with Obamacare but a letter I received from the VA shows that this indeed is the future we all will face in the leftist War on Medicine.

Rush Limbaugh mentioned on his radio show that the VA foreshadows the fate of all Americans under Obamacare. Bob Beckel heard what he said and went on a rant about it on “The Five”:

You know what the crap of this block is? That somehow you’re equating Obamacare with the VA. The VA is owned and operated by the federal government. It is government-operated health care. Obamacare has nothing to do… Not a single hospital will be owned by the government, not a single doctor. It gives you a nice little thing to talk about here in this block. And, by the way, it’s nice to see Rush Limbaugh again. We haven’t seen him on this air for about, what, three hours?”

But Beckel is wrong and Rush is right. First, here are some quotes from the letter I received from my insurance company (I pay for my own insurance) telling me I will lose my insurance coverage at the end of 2014:

However, at the end of 2014, your current plan will end. . . .

Before your policy is discontinued at the end of 2014, you will need to select and enroll in new replacement coverage for 2015. Your existing policy will not cover you after 2014. If you do not enroll in replacement coverage for 2015 and are left uninsured, you may be subject to a penalty under the health care law.

So Obama and his regime have forced me to lose my insurance. But not only that, the leftist War on Medicine required my health insurer to tell me I might face a “penalty” if I don’t submit to whatever health care the tyrants now deem appropriate.

That’s outrageous even as I won’t have to worry about any penalties. And I won’t have to worry about any penalties because I’m a veteran. Being a veteran in turn means that means I’m in the VA system. And the VA sent me a letter giving me some news about my health care:

You are receiving this letter because you are enrolled in Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) health care and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you. We want to make sure you have information about the Affordable Care Act, also known as the health care law. . . .

You are enrolled in the VA health care system, which means you have health care coverage that meets the standards under the health care law.

letter hairIn other words, if I can’t afford new health insurance that the oppressive Obamacare now says I must have the VA will by default become my new health insurance and health care. These are the facts. And no matter how hard ruling elites such as Bob Beckel try to deny this it doesn’t change the truth.

Beckel’s argument about private hospitals and doctors are also irrelevant. Sure the options to buy private health insurance and seek private health care are still available. But they aren’t going to last if leftists continue getting their way; they want to eliminate private health care and insurance entirely. Obama has repeatedly said that he ultimately wants government-only (i.e. “single payer”) health care and leftists are already actively lobbying for the same.

So what’s happening with the VA and veterans really is foreshadowing what all Americans will face someday because the VA is Obamacare. And anyone who doubts this can look at the letter the VA sent me explicitly stating that the VA health care system “meets the standards under the health care law.”

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Paul Hair
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