Feasting on Hypocrisy: Michelle Obama’s Phony School Lunch Crusade

Written by Teri O'Brien on May 29, 2014

America’s number one self-appointed, uncredentialed and unqualified health, fitness and nutrition expert, Michelle Obama, is not amused. Those Republican buttinskys in Congress are trying to interfere with her wise decisions about what every school child in America must be forced to place on their school cafeteria trays, but not necessarily eat, and according to her, that is “unacceptable.” On May 27, 2014, she accused those who seek to grant some relief to beleaguered school districts, struggling to comply with the 2010 Healthy Hungry Free Kids Act, of “play[ing] politics with our kids health.” 

Like her husband’s Affordable Care Act, another law pushed through when democrats had control of both houses of Congress, this attempt by the federal government to stick its fingers into every pie is an Orwellian-named mess. Hungry Free Kids? No. Some Kansas kids, with the help of their teachers, made a video entitled “We are Hungry,” complaining that they were starving by mid-afternoon after enduring Michelle’s “healthy” lunches. I thought it was the GOP who wanted to “starve” children. 

The stories about this failed law sound reminiscent of that old joke about the Catskills resort. One guest says to the other “The food here is really terrible, isn’t it?” The second guest replies “Yes, and such small portions.” 

From the Daily Caller, in a story entitled “Kentucky students to first lady Michelle Obama: Your food ‘tastes like vomit’”:

Denizens of Harlan County don’t much care, though. Their primary concern at the board meeting was a bevy of complaints that local children are starving at lunch — and for the remainder of the school day — because the food on offer in the cafeteria is crappy and there isn’t nearly enough of it.

“Kids can’t learn when they’re hungry!” parents shouted to the board, according to the Enterprise.

Some school districts, including one in Mrs. Obama’s home state, Illinois, are bailing on this scheme, even though they will lose $900,000 in federal funds as a result. The Chicago Tribune reports the reason: 

That dollar amount is outstripped by the $2.2 million in annual food service revenue that comes from the a la carte menu, which sells things like pizza, fries and Subway sandwiches. The district also said it gets $543,000 in revenue from vending machines.

Both revenue streams would be affected by the so-called Smart Snacks in School policy that goes into effect July 1.

Heavily endorsed by first lady Michelle Obama, the new policy marks the first time the federal food program will directly dictate nutrition for any food sold in schools during the school day — not just the traditional lunches and breakfasts it has long subsidized.

Food from the a la carte menu in the cafeterias, as well as in vending machines and at club fundraisers will soon be subjected to strict guidelines, including restrictions on calorie, sodium, fat and sugar.

Apparently, controlling what is served in cafeterias is not enough for Her Royal Wideness. 

So, kids hate the bland, unappetizing meals so much that they are throwing out mountains of food, and they are hungry. School districts are losing thousands of dollars. In addition, despite media hype claiming that Mooch’s efforts are reducing rates of child obesity, the vaunted studies turn out not to prove any such thing.

It is worth noting that, by contrast, the daily fare at the fancy private school that Sasha and Malia Obama attend, where tuition is $34,000 a year, is nothing like the slop she expects your kids to eat. 

Oh it’s true, Bitter Clinger. Shocking, I know. 

As IJR Review reports: 

By contrast, the prestigious Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C., where many politicians have sent their children to school, serves school lunches designed by chefs. This week, for example, they might enjoy meatball subs, BBQ wings and ice cream, in addition to chicken curry, deviled egg salad and the “Chef’s Choice.” Other options on the exclusive menu include:
▪ Crusted tilapia
▪ Herb roasted chicken
▪ Pesto cream & garden-fresh marinara sauce
▪ Roasted edamame & Shitake mushrooms
▪ BBQ sliders
▪ Pesto pasta
▪ All-natural rosemary chicken
▪ All-natural beef nachos
▪ Baked three-cheese lasagna
▪ Pepperoni flatbread pizza

Apologists for the Regime are claiming that the reason the House opposes Michelle’s breathtaking power grab is not that they are hearing cries of outrage from parents and school administrators. They say that Republicans are in the tank for evil processed food companies. Those who make that argument will need to reconcile the fact that Mooch was once on the board of TreeHouse Foods, which is a major supplier of processed foods to—Wait for it—Wal-mart! She collected $45,000 from this cushy job in 2004, $51,200 in 2006 and 7500 TreeHouse stock options worth more than $72,000 for each year. Apparently big food processors were less evil back then than they are today. 

There’s one more thing, which I hesitate to mention, but here goes. Is it cruel to suggest that perhaps a woman who hauls around a caboose even bigger than her sense of entitlement shouldn’t be the go-to person on matters of fitness and nutrition?

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Image: Courtesy of: http://www.foodista.com/blog/2011/06/15/la-schools-ban-flavored-milk

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