FLEE WUSSVILLE: 25 Ways to Find Your Rebel Soul

Published on May 25, 2014

The rebel isn’t a dude trying to be cool, trying to dress a certain way or move to the outskirts of society by doing what the rebels in the movies do. A fraud will always be a fraud. A rebel must be genuine, he’s merely in touch with what his soul is calling him to do, he’s defeated or defeating his fear, he’s removing the noise from his life that tells him to do things that aren’t genuine. The rebel is you, you are him, here are 25 ways to live free, die hard, and become a rebel once again.

1. Get out of your comfort zone. Immediately.

2. Build a body that will enable you to live free. 

3. Accept death, get comfortable with it, befriend it.

4. Spend time in silence.

5. Don’t be a slave.

6. Strengthen your brain.

7. Face little fears everyday.

8. Live like you’re visiting. 

9. Set a goal, then set the biggest goal in that field that you can possibly set.

10. Do what must be done to be who you must be.

11. Never wish you were somewhere else.

13. Befriend pain, it’s the only path to greatness.

14. Avoid ease at all costs.

15. Understand your motives.

16. Venture and adventure alone.

17. Aid others in their quest.

18. Write your thoughts down.

19. Act without thinking.

20. Make the tough decisions on your own.

21. Sacrifice.

22. Live dangerously.

23. Talk about dreams and goals and life, not people.

24. Know your values and let them guide your life.

25. Dare mighty things.

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