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Gotta Shake Your Head: Hijinks of Harry and Hillary

Is it just me?

Harry Reid goes to China for some obscure reason. The place has an ancient culture and beautiful landscape (for instance …those strange rocky and emerald green islands that jut out of the sea just off the mainland coast). There is incredible architecture…not even counting the Really Big Wall that makes Hadrian look like a pansy. But I don’t see Harry as an art lover. I can’t see him swooning over the work of Chinese artists and artisans. Nevertheless, he was there, for whatever vague reason.

A short time afterward, some big Chi-comm “green energy” outfit contacts the law firm where Harry’s son is employed and retains the firm to perform …who knows … some obscure legal tasks. Eventually, the firm is assisting the Chi-comm Greenies acquire a large tract of land in the Nevada desert (thereby, apparently, dispossessing large numbers of desert tortoises) for the purpose of locating those big ugly mirrors, which harvest sunlight. Or whatever they do.

(Note: Some guy who lives nearby my humble abode was developing a construction project and accidentally squashes one of those same tortoises. He was fined $30,000.)

Anyway…Billions of dollars are in play. Any attorney knows this means Harry’s son gets to move into a terrific corner office in the firm. That’s how things work in the legal world. And that’s only one of the benefits.

Somewhere during this timeline, which started with Harry’s China trip, Harry sics the BLM Boys on Rancher Bundy in an obscene and painfully transparent land-grab to dispossess the peaceful inhabitants of Turtle Town. Not to mention Rancher Bundy and his cattle. The details are murky (and I hope they are untrue, because it is so very tawdry and sad), but the Bundy land or leasehold is just what the Chi-comms were lookin’ for.

Somewhere, also on this strange time-line, Harry tells us he and his son never have discussed the desert land deal or the Chi-comm Greenie Company. Or the billions of dollars in play. Nor do they, apparently, discuss the incredible series of events and the astronomically unlikely chance these things were all coincidental and just happened!


And then…I hope you saw the press-guy asking some Hillary shill for an example of “just one of Hillary’s accomplishments?” The exchange was hilarious. The guy repeated the question two or three times, but finally gave up when it became clear the shill was not going to leave her script for any reason. Not unexpectedly, she resorted to the old Clinton ruse of “parsing” the question put to her. Eventually, anyone will wear down, get hillary pressfatigued, have a stroke or take up drinking…if you just keep tearing the terms of the question apart or re-phrasing the question posited. It doesn’t work in a courtroom, but anything goes in a press conference. The questioner looked as if he was going to collapse under the weight of having his intelligence insulted. Or the pain of remaining courteous in the face of endless insipid and banal evasions.

My cartoon takes some small liberties with the actual exchange, but the liberties taken only serve to elucidate. Anything for a laugh. It’s a cartoon. As always, with the Clintons, the actual factoids are insipid and dreadfully banal. So I help them out.

Steve Bowers

Steve Bowers grew up on a farm in Indiana, attended Indiana University and went into the construction business. While working on a construction project at a law school he was appalled at how lawyers could screw stuff up on a simple building project. Thinking he could do better, Steve went to law school. He’s pretty naive.