Government Busybodies? Thou Shalt Snitch On Thy Neighbor

Written by ++++Allen on May 3, 2014

The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects personal privacy, and every citizen’s right to be free from unreasonable government intrusion, by search and seizure.

With that being said, there is now a newly proposed ordinance for Houston that will be placed upon apartment and condo dwellers. KPRC reports that, “Houston’s City Council may pass an anti-hoarding ordinance. The proposed ordinance, which would not apply to single-family homes, would create fines, clarify when police could enter a property with a warrant and refer violators to social services.”

It is quite precarious that social services are addressed here, since the city is assuming that one who hoards is mentally ill. I just hope that these hoarding police don’t look in my closet, I love shoes and purses, lots of them, too! I’m a woman, it’s my nature, that doesn’t make me mentally ill.

Doesn’t this ordinance seem a little vague to you? Hmmm? Hoarding of what? How much is considered hoarding? What about guns located on the premises? I’m sure there is more to this ordinance than meets the eye. I’m also pretty sure Hitler’s first genocide victims were the mentally retarded and mentally ill in Nazi Germany.

Houston’s Democrat-lesbian mayor added on the news report (I’m paraphrasing) “We want concerned neighbors to call the police and report any suspicious hoarding activity, smells, or unsightly property conditions.” Just think, we can all become Junior Gestapo Agents, Wunderbar!

After 9-11 we were all encouraged by our FBI and the newly formed Homeland Security, to sniff out trouble and report on any suspected (Muslim) terrorist activities. Ok, so where we lived in ’07 there was a Muslim family across the street. Every Friday night we peered thru our mini blinds at a scary Halloween scene of black burqa wearing women parking in our neighborhood, heading to the Muslim house for prayer or whatever the hell they were doing in there.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, our neighborhood was filled with debris sitting curbside, waiting for the trash collectors. The Muslim neighbors had a pile of approximately 20 bags of wet agricultural fertilizer sitting out on their curbside for debris pickup. As far as I knew they were not in the landscaping biz, and being that their one family vehicle was parked daily at a local mosque, I was freaking out!

Yes, I did report the numerous fertilizer bags to the FBI via an email website. Literally within just a few hours, around the neighborhood corner comes a jogger I never saw before. The white female was dressed in her Quantico Academy white T-shirt and blue shorts, and blindingly white socks and tennis shoes. As she turned onto our street she looked straight at the fertilizer bags, never giving me a single look as I stood in my front yard. As she jogged by the Muslim’s house, she continued to keep her eyes on the fertilizer bags until she passed their house. I have not seen the conspicuous FBI agent- jogger since that day.

You might be wondering why I brought this situation up. I’m showing how easy it is to get into accepting government intrusion, all in the name of aiding your country, or your neighborhood. Snitching is easy, especially when you think you’re doing something worthy, giving yourself a pat on the back. We the People were asked to aid our country in getting more bad guys after 9-11, I’m good with that. But what happens when this government calls me the bad guy? Hmmm?

Now in Houston we are being asked to snitch on our neighbor because they might be a little odd. Or his or her house is not up to par (whatever the par bar is set at) and might stink, or maybe they have a plethora of pets they deeply love. We are giving our government the carte blanche to TAKE from us. This is troubling indeed and very dangerous, as we are on that proverbial slippery slope of government confiscation.

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++++Allen is an old-enough-to-know-better, concerned American. Lover of God and Country, wife and mother of three grown twenty-something babies. Crusading the fight against "real" social injustice issues, and liberal idiots, anywhere I find it, and them. She's written a book available on The Underbelly of a Mega Church Image: Joan of Arc; Courtesy of: Archivo:Portrait_jeanne_d%27arc.jpg