Hello! If Heresy Is Debatable, Why Isn’t Everything Else?

Written by Paul Hair on May 18, 2014

Propaganda for the normalization of same-sex relationships has been so successful that Christians are now debating whether they are biblical, yet at the same time both Christians and secular society believe that debating many other topics is unacceptable.

Matt Barber had an exclusive story on how Christian book publisher WaterBrook Multnomah published a heretical book by Matthew Vines that promotes the idea that sodomy is compatible with Christianity. I wrote an analysis on that and noted that Christians have not yet demanded that WaterBrook recall this book even as many previously joined in the calls for Thomas Nelson to withdraw David Barton’s book, The Jefferson Lies. People accused Barton’s book of containing significant historical inaccuracies about Jefferson and his beliefs about Christianity. Thomas Nelson eventually listened to their demands and recalled the book.

I have no problem with people criticizing Barton’s book or Thomas Nelson taking it out of publication. But the fact that there is no similar Christian uproar over the obvious historical inaccuracy of Vines’s book—that Christians can be sodomites—is a glaring problem. In fact, some Christians are arguing that there needs to be a conversation about this. This demonstrates how successful leftists have been in brainwashing American Christians. In short, many American Christians now believe that debating whether sodomy is compatible with Christianity is acceptable; debating whether Thomas Jefferson was a Christian is not.

Secular society has not fared any better at resisting leftist brainwashing. Just look at the way Americans—left or right—respond when anyone says anything “controversial” on race, the so-called war on women, multiculturalism, diversity, or any other politically correct nonsense. Society doesn’t allow debate on these subjects because it has been conditioned to believe that the debates have already been settled.

A perfect example of this brainwashing is a recent video showing people being asked about Hillary Clinton and her potentially running for the White House. Many respond that they want her to run but they struggle to explain why she is qualified. This is humorous but it also reveals much about the American people as Allahpundit at Hot Air explains:

They’re enthusiastic not because of what she’s done but because of who she is, the would-be first woman president. . . . I don’t know how you attack that given that most of the ugliest stuff about the Clintons has been public knowledge for decades and is already priced into that brand. Maybe younger voters will think twice when the scandals of the 90s are endlessly rehashed, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Just listen to them here. With Hillary on the ballot, some segment of the population is going to treat the election as a de facto referendum on whether “it’s time” for a woman president.

This doesn’t just show the extent of leftist brainwashing but it shows how damaging it is too. Many people don’t care if Clinton is qualified because they have an unwavering belief that it would be a great thing to have a woman president. Conservatives used to believe that men and women are different, and that there is a reason why men dominate in certain aspects of life and women dominate in others. But they surrendered on this belief. Perhaps if they hadn’t there wouldn’t now be a mindless and widespread agreement that a female president would be a great thing.

This is the ultimate leftist triumph. And this is why they are so dominant in the United States. They set all the premises and have manipulated left and right on how to think and what is even acceptable to consider.

There’s has been a massively successful brainwashing campaign and as long as people continue submitting to it the never-ending march leftward will continue, and neither Christians nor anyone else will be able to answer why debating heresy is acceptable but debating what the left says is undebatable is not.

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Paul Hair
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