I’D RATHER HAVE MY BALLS THAN BE A PLEDGE: 14 Charged In Fraternity Hazing That Cost A Student A Testicle

Published on May 31, 2014

Police have charged 14 people with participating in a fraternity hazing incident that ended with a 19-year-old southwest Ohio college student having a testicle surgically removed.

Police made the arrests Thursday after an investigation into the Halloween incident at Wilmington College’s Gamma Phi Gamma house.

Court records said a fraternity pledge was injured when he was struck with a towel ‘fashioned as a weapon.’

Tyler Lawrence underwent emergency surgery after students hit him in the groin with a knotted towel on October 30, severely damaging one testicle.

Jim Reynolds, president of the Quaker college of about 1,000 students southeast of Dayton, says the conduct is unacceptable.

The fraternity has been kicked off campus until at least 2019

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