I’VE GOT YOUR CLIMATE CHANGE: 25 Pics That Show Our Current Hysteria Is Cuckoo

Published on May 30, 2014

Why should American taxpayers spend billions, if not trillions, of dollars fighting a quixotic crusade to keep the planet’s climate from changing?

Man’s activities play but a small part in the global scope of things, and 25 graphs show that to be the case.

1. Carbon Dioxide Levels Were Previously Much Higher & Yet Life Survived


Temperatures rise and fall in the long historical picture regardless of CO2 levels. In fact, CO2 levels are fairly low right now compared to life-flourishing eras.

2. Modern History Shows Similar Temps in Medieval Warm Period


Forget the “hockey stick” graph the IPCC whipped out to stoke fears of a global apocalypse; such warming is not unprecedented.

3. More About the Medieval Warm Period


Before the Industrial Revolution took hold, there was a period of warming that allowed the Vikings to more easily explore the North Atlantic and settle Greenland. Other historical studies, some based on tree-ring data, suggest a similar period of warming in Roman times.

4. Graph from 1990 IPCC contrasted with 2001 IPCC Report


The 1990 figure 7c that was subsequently “disappeared” from succeeding IPCC reports followed by the infamous “hockey stick.”

5. Carbon Dioxide’s Contribution to “Thermal Forcing” (Also Dubbed the “Greenhouse Effect”)


Mankind has about zero control over the volume of atmospheric water vapor, which is about 90% to 95% (varies by location) of what is commonly referred to as the “greenhouse effect.”

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