LUNATICS: ‘Jesus Hates Hunting, Eating Meat & The Early Christians Were Vegetarians’

Written by Doug Giles on May 16, 2014

While doing research for my new book, Rise, Kill And Eat: A Theology of Hunting From Genesis to Revelation I came across some cuckoo websites that tried to make Jesus out to be a bunny loving animal activist.  This crap below has got to be the worst of the worst.  Check it out …

Via Do Not Eat Us

The Gospel of the Perfect Life
Humata Verlag, Bad Homburg
And “The Gospel of Jesus,” Verlag DAS WORT,
Rottweil 1968
(These texts are taken from “This Is My Word” Verlag DAS WORT)

Woe to the Hunters!

6. As Jesus went with some of His disciples, He met a man who trained dogs to hunt other animals. And He said to the man, “Why do you do this?” And the man answered, “Because I live from this. What sort of use have these animals? These animals are weak, but the dogs are strong.” And Jesus said to him, “You lack wisdom and love. Behold, every creature that God has created has its meaning and purpose. And who can say what good there is in it or what use it is to you or to mankind?
7. And for your living, behold the fields, how they grow and are fertile, and the fruit-bearing trees and the herbs. What more do you want than what the honest work of your hands will give you? Woe to the strong who misuse their strength. Woe to the crafty who hurt the creatures of God! Woe to the hunters! For they themselves shall be hunted.”
8. And the man was very astonished and stopped training the dogs to hunt; and he taught them to save life, not to destroy it. And he embraced the teachings of Jesus and became His disciple. (Chap. 14)

Jesus Frees the Animals

1. And it happened one day, after Jesus had finished His speaking, that, in a place near Tiberias where there are seven wells, a young man brought Him live rabbits and doves, that He might consume them with His disciples.
2. And Jesus looked at the young man lovingly and said to him, “You have a good heart and God will enlighten you; but do you not know that in the beginning God gave man the fruits of the earth for food and by this did not make him lower than the apes, or the oxen, or the horse or the sheep, that he may kill his fellow creatures and consume their flesh and blood?
3. You believe that Moses rightfully commanded such creatures to be offered in sacrifice and consumed and so you do this in the temple; but see, One greater than Moses is here and He comes to abolish the blood sacrifices of the law and the orgies and to restore the pure offering and the bloodless sacrifice as it was in the beginning, namely, the grains and the fruits of the earth.
5. Therefore, let the creatures go free, that they may rejoice in God and bring no guilt to man.” And the young man set them free and Jesus tore apart their cages and their fetters.
6. But see, they were afraid to be taken captive once more and did not want to leave Him. But He spoke to them and sent them away and they obeyed His words and departed full of joy. (Chap. 28)

Jesus Spoke Against Blood Sacrifices

1. Jesus taught His disciples in the outer court of the temple, and one of them said to Him, “Master, it is said by the priests that without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins. Can then the lawful blood sacrifices take away sins?”
2. And Jesus answered, “No blood sacrifice of animal or bird or man can take away sins. For how can a guilt be paid off by shedding innocent blood? No, it will increase the guilt.
3. The priests indeed receive such offerings as an appeasement from the faithful for the violations against the law of Moses; but for the sins against the law of God, there is no forgiveness except by repentance and a change for the better. (Chap. 33)

Jesus Spoke Against Eating Meat

4. Is it not written in the prophets: Take your blood sacrifices and your burnt offerings, and away with them. Stop eating meat; for I did not speak of this to your forefathers, nor have I commanded them to do so when I led them out of Egypt. But this is what I commanded them:
5. Obey My voice and walk the paths that I have commanded of you, and you will be My people and things will go well for you. And yet they were not so inclined and did not listen.
6. And what did the Eternal command you, other than to practice justice and mercy and to walk humbly with your God? Is it not written that, in the beginning, God ordained the fruits of the trees and the seeds and the plants to be food for all flesh?
7. But they have made of the house of prayer a den of thieves and, instead of the pure offering with incense, they have stained My altars with blood and have eaten the flesh of slain animals.
8. But I say to you: Shed no innocent blood and eat no flesh. Be upright, love mercy and do right, and your days will endure in the land for a long time. (Chap. 33)

Animals Are Our Brothers and Sisters

7. Jesus came into a village and saw there a stray kitten, and it suffered from hunger and cried out to Him. And He picked it up, wrapped it in His robe and let it rest at His breast.
8. And when He went through the village, He gave the cat to eat and to drink. And it ate and drank and showed Him its thanks. And He gave it to one of His disciples, a widow called Lorenza, and she took care of it.
9. And some of the people said, “This man takes care of all the animals. Are they His brothers and sisters, that He loves them so?” And He said to them, “Verily, these are your fellow brothers from the great family of God, your brothers and sisters who have the same breath of life from the Eternal.
10. And whoever cares for the least of them and gives it food and drink in its need does this to Me, and the one who deliberately allows that one of them suffer privation and does not defend it when it is ill-treated allows this evil to happen as if it were done to Me. For just as you have done in this life will it be done to you in the life to come.” (Chap. 34)

The Conversion of the Bird Catcher

1. And as Jesus was going to Jericho, He met a man with young doves and a cage full of birds which he had caught. And He saw their misery, as they had lost their freedom and, furthermore, were suffering hunger and thirst.
2. And He said to the man, “What are you doing with these?” And the man answered, “I earn my living by selling the birds which I have caught.”
3. And Jesus said to him, “What would you think, if someone stronger or more clever than you would capture and shackle you, or would throw your wife or your children and you into prison, in order to sell you for his own profit and to earn his living from this?
4. Are these not your fellow creatures, only weaker than you? And does not the same God, Father and Mother, care for them as for you? Let these, your little brothers and sisters, go forth into freedom and see to it that you never do such a thing again, but that you earn your bread honestly.”
5. And the man was astounded at these words and His authority, and he let the birds go free. As the birds came out, they flew to Jesus, sat upon His shoulders and sang to Him.
6. And the man asked more about His teachings and he went his way and learned basket weaving. He earned his bread from this work and broke his cages and traps and became a disciple of Jesus. (Chap. 41)
9. Verily, I say to you, I Am come into the world in order to put an end to all blood offerings and to the eating of the flesh of animals and birds that are slain by men. (Chap. 75)


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RKEIf a person looked to Scripture and paid particular attention to the passages within the Bible that address the topic of hunting, then they’d walk away thinking not only is hunting animals tolerated but it is endorsed by God. And that’s exactly what this little book is about: proving that God, from Genesis to Revelation, is extremely cool with hunters and hunting. I’ll go out on a biblical limb and claim right off the bat that you cannot show me, through the balance of the Bible, that the God of the Scripture is against the responsible killing and the grilling of the animals He created. – Doug Giles,  Rise Kill and