The Lyin’ King: Channeling His Laughing Hyena

Written by Marilyn Assenheim on May 6, 2014

Although some of the Imperial President’s most ardent supporters in the press are beginning to doubt the opulence of his wardrobe, they are not yet ready to admit that he is wearing no clothes at all. Politco floated a crack in the façade. Their article, titled “Barack Obama Laughs at but not with” commented: “President Barack Obama is very smart (as he could tell you). He is also very funny (and the first to laugh at his own jokes). He is a master of comic timing…As long as the subject is someone else.”

CNN covered the event that inspired this observation, Saturday’s annual White House Correspondent’s Dinner. The Lyin’ King took pot-shots at everything and everyone imaginable…except himself. Though CNN was less critical of The Lyin’ King than was Politico, they admitted: “Remarks that would have otherwise put him in hot water drew applause at the annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner…” Unlike CNN, Politico shared the somewhat puzzled opinions of The Lyin’ King’s own comedy writers…well, you didn’t really expect that the master of “comic timing” wrote his own material, did you?

Politico quoted Mark Katz, a veteran, senior Democrat humor writer: “Here’s my take on President Obama…To me, he looks like a guy having a great time reading the really funny jokes his staff put together, but I just don’t hear his voice. I just don’t.” Politico also quoted Jon Favreau, former POTUS head speechwriter and current business partner of the benighted Tommy Vietor (of “Dude, this was like two years ago” infamy). Favreau began by: “insisting that this president ‘very much understands that you don’t get very far purely by destroying the other side.’ Yet when asked for examples of Obama’s best self-deprecating lines, Favreau struggled for an answer, eventually citing jokes about big ears….” The example dates from the early years of his first term.

POTUS is never satisfied with one scathing remark at someone else’s expense. He might be credited with an “unerring ear” but any pretense at good sense seems to remain elusive. The Lyin’ King reserves his vitriol, disguised as humor, for others. And he always goes too far. Much like his preening appearance on late night television. Carried away with his own sense of star power he compared his bowling skills to what might be displayed at Special Olympics. The same ham-fisted arrogance was also on display at the 2011 Correspondent’s Dinner. The Lyin’ King ridiculed his nemesis, Donald Trump, for questioning the validity of his birth certificate. He opined that the Donald was also skeptical of the moon landing. This sally found an appreciative audience. But he went on to taunt Celebrity Apprentice and Trump’s “credentials and breadth of experience.” This comedic bridge-too-far was less successful. It somehow escaped POTUS’s notice that ridiculing someone else’s “breadth of experience” might be considered ironic.

Politico shared liberal mystification with the president’s meanness of spirit and lack of judgment by quoting Landon Parvin. Parvin had written jokes for both Republican and Democrat presidents, dating back to Ronald Reagan: “I’m no big fan of Donald Trump… but I don’t think a president, just because of his power, should go after people that way. I don’t know why he sometimes is a little harsher than he needs to be.”

He doesn’t know? Coverage of the Lyin’ King’s wit remained, for the most part, reverential. Topics covered included:
— Putin’s shirtless photographs
— Failure of the Obamacare website
— Ted Cruz
— Chris Christie
— Sean Hannity
— The Malaysian airline crash
— Unfavorable press
— Jon Boehner
FOX News
— The Koch brothers

The usual suspects. Notably absent was any criticism of himself. Unlike former Presidents Bush and Reagan but very like Bill Clinton. Politico reports: “Obama is far from the first president not to relish poking fun at himself. Bill Clinton was famously thin-skinned, and wanted to use jokes to attack his enemies. ‘President Clinton actually hated about half the jokes we wrote for him,’ (Mark)Katz recalled. ‘He couldn’t imagine why I would hand him jokes about himself…He couldn’t understand why the jokes weren’t about other people. He wanted to settle scores, he wanted other people to rue the day they ever crossed him because they heard this joke.’” Sound familiar?

It is evident that, despite a bit of squeamishness, liberals are content to remain in the dark about The Lyin’ King. They continue to relish every dart slung at their enemies. Liberals continue to be baffled because, despite all evidence, they refuse to see what’s directly in front of them; egocentricity so ridiculously engorged it puts that of Benito Mussolini to shame.

We must make certain liberals can’t escape the fact that the real joke is The Lyin’ King.

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Marilyn Assenheim
Marilyn Assenheim was born and raised in New York City. She spent a career in healthcare management although she probably should have been a casting director. Or a cowboy. A serious devotee of history and politics, Marilyn currently lives in the NYC metropolitan area.