MAN STUFF: 100 Things A Real Man Doesn’t Do

Published on May 2, 2014

Chad Howse Fitness – What is a man? Biologically we know he has a braciole, balls, and hair under his arms. But what makes a real man? Our society is filled with men who aren’t real men. It’s also filled with guys like you and I, who aspire real men, but we don’t always know what that entails.

To identify what a real man is, we’ll look at what he isn’t.

  1. A real man doesn’t whine.
  2. A real man doesn’t worry about that which he can’t control.
  3. A real man doesn’t fear the loss of love. He’s secure in his relationships.
  4. A real man doesn’t wish he was walking in another man’s shoes.
  5. A real man doesn’t watch more than an hour of TV on average everyday.
  6. A real man doesn’t binge drink. Oh, he drinks. He just doesn’t over drink… very often.
  7. A real man doesn’t overeat.
  8. A real man doesn’t cheat… on his lady, or at anything in life.
  9. A real man doesn’t look to others to place blame. He’s quick to accept responsibility for what he’s done wrong, and pass along praise to others when something is done right.
  10. A real man doesn’t complain.
  11. A real man doesn’t hate.
  12. A real man doesn’t wish the downfall of a competitor. He’s confident in his own talents. He doesn’t need another to fail for him to succeed.
  13. A real man doesn’t get jealous.
  14. A real man doesn’t spend more than 10 minutes of non-business related time on Facebook in a day. Ever.
  15. A real man doesn’t quit. Ever. At anything.
  16. A real man doesn’t do or say anything out of spite.
  17. A real man doesn’t do something that benefits him but degrades or diminishes another.
  18. A real man doesn’t ever raise his hand to a lady.
  19. A real man doesn’t use people.
  20. A real man doesn’t ask for directions. He gets lost, swears up a storm, hits his steering wheel, but he doesn’t ask for directions.
  21. A real man doesn’t hesitate to come to the aid of someone in need, even if he puts his own health at risk.
  22. A real man doesn’t judge. He also doesn’t stand idly by as a friend ruins his own life. He’s man enough to jump in and bring a halt to the destructive behavior.
  23. A real man doesn’t let vices run his life.
  24. A real man doesn’t neglect his own health. He also doesn’t let his family neglect theirs either.
  25. A real man doesn’t take himself too seriously.

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